An Overview Of The Fuse Network (FUSE)

Founded in 2019, the Fuse Network aims to revolutionize the traditional payment and exchange system. The network is working to devise a fast and low-cost payment solution to simplify the day-to-day activities without any involvement of a third party.

The Fuse chain runs as a side chain of the Ethereum network. The FUSE token is minted on the Ethereum network and then it is moved to the Fuse Network with the help of the bridge. The users will then get exposed to a wide range of features and business plugins that will help them in performing daily payment activities.

The network uses DPoS (Delegate Proof of Stake) as a consensus mechanism and is supported by a group of validators that run the nodes to validate network transactions and execute smart contracts. To become validators, the interested organizations, companies, or users need to stake a minimum of 100K FUSE tokens in the Fuse consensus contract address. Other network users can delegate their tokens to the validator. The validators and the delegators receive the FUSE tokens as a reward for staking their tokens.

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