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10X Alts For Dec Plus Good Advice

10X Alts For Dec Plus Good Advice

Sheldon Evans With Investing Tips

Some possible 10x altcoin winners for December 2021

10X Alts For Dec Plus Good Advice

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Altcoins that will explode in December! (URGENT)

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Sheldon Evans 

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10X Alts For Dec Plus Good Advice

10X Alts For Dec Plus Good Advice


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00:00as we head into what could be the final00:02leg of this bull market it’s essential00:04that you manage your picks and your00:05place correctly so that you don’t get00:07left leaving the bag but how do you find00:09quality products and how do you find00:11where the capital is flowing to make00:13those picks correctly today i’m going to00:15share with you some invaluable knowledge00:16as to how i’ve played this market and00:18made it astronomical gains in the past00:20year hey guys sheldon evans here welcome00:22back or if you’re new here don’t forget00:23to hit the subscribe button and turn on00:25all of those bell notifications to see00:27more content like this before we get00:29into this i’m going to use luna as an00:30example but i first want to announce00:32that i am hosting a 50 00000:34crypto giveaway as you guys know in the00:36previous video i announced my nft00:38project that i’m working on and that00:39will be releasing very soon00:41i’m giving away 50 00000:43in crypto00:44uh twenty five thousand dollars in00:45ethereum twenty five thousand dollars in00:46solana as well as eleven nfts from the00:49project now we haven’t withheld a bunch00:51of nfts for giveaways we actually have a00:53very small amount reserved for giveaways00:55because we do want the project to00:57actually have value and don’t simply00:58give away all the nfts for free but we01:01have reserved some for this giveaway so01:04you can head over to the link in the01:05description it’ll be in the top line of01:06this description and in the top comment01:08of this video01:10go ahead you can go daily and you can01:11enter these daily you can join the01:13discord follow our twitter and retweet01:15and so on to increase your chances of01:17winning but let’s get back into the01:19video now i’m going to be using luna as01:21an example here purely because it has01:23been01:24a play that i can use as a good01:26illustration now this line on the chart01:28here this yellow line this yellow01:30vertical line is the point at which i01:32sold the majority of my cardano for luna01:35now the reason that i want to highlight01:36this and i keep coming back to this is01:38that the reason that i did this was not01:40based on the technicals of the chart the01:41reason that i did this was not because i01:43had insider information the reason that01:45i did this was purely based on sentiment01:48now sentiment is going to be your key01:50word here in making astronomical gains01:53as we head into the end of this year01:55whether you like it or not 90 maybe even01:57more of the value that is in this market02:00or the value of the capital that is02:01allocated to certain projects in this02:03market is based on hype and what is hype02:06it is market sentiment now you guys know02:08that i’ve been a big proponent of02:10cordano for many many months and i made02:11great gains on that too but karana had02:14done a 100x since the point that i had02:15entered now this is not to brag it’s not02:17to rub it in your face it’s not to do02:19that at all it’s all to say that i02:21managed to judge sentiment correctly now02:24if you can02:25uh understand humans and human emotion02:27and human actions and human behavior02:29that will help you make the most gains02:31in this market02:33you don’t have to look at the charts you02:34simply have to look where the sentiment02:35is moving now cardano had a very very02:37strong community behind it and a very02:40loyal following and it still does right02:42but after those astronomical gains a lot02:44of that hive started dying down after02:46the smart contracts were launched after02:48all of these updates and events have02:49taken place02:51it’s hard to sustain that hype so what02:53did we do we looked for where that hype02:55and that sentiment had shifted to and02:56where did it go to other l1 projects02:59other layer one project like solana like03:01phantom like03:02luna for example and the reason that i03:04chose to invest in luna is because i saw03:07that it did have productive assets on it03:09as well on top of pure sentiment right03:12so it has a strong project behind it03:15it has a lot of defy behind it there’s a03:17lot of capital being allocated in a03:19productive way as well as a strong03:21dedicated community that are determined03:23to make this a successful product03:26or a successful project for that matter03:28so03:29by noticing that and by seeing where the03:31sentiment shift had changed i managed to03:33make this trade right so had i simply03:35held on to cardano at this point where i03:37sold03:38my card on air for luna i would be down03:40at this point03:42around 5003:44but by trading into luna i’m now up03:48150 percent03:50that is a massive gain purely based on03:53sentiment right so today i’m going to03:55show you how to use that sentiment to03:57your advantage and make some good picks03:59now04:00what is the the major hype that’s going04:02on right now what is the major thing04:03that everybody’s talking about that i04:05spoke about in the previous video the04:06metaverse why is this happening well of04:09course facebook was the major catalyst04:11to change the name to meta and increase04:13this hype now judging sentiment we’ve04:15got a ton of different tools that we can04:16use for this and one of those is a04:17google trends now you can use google04:19trends for anything whether it’s04:21checking sentiment around bitcoin04:22whether it’s checking sentiment around04:23baby names whether it’s checking04:24sentiment04:25about04:27where the best holiday destinations in04:29the world are which right now for me04:31it’s pretty much nowhere because i04:32cannot leave my borders04:34but we have metaverse seeing this04:37massive huge spike back here when04:39facebook basically had announced a04:41change of name to meta and that was a04:43catalyst that sent a ton of metaverse04:45coins skyrocketing they sent them04:47absolutely astronomical based on that04:50pure sentiment change right now04:53of course it did come back down it did04:54correct metavest coins did exactly the04:56same thing we had that made that major04:58spike and then they did come back down04:59again right they have a bit of a05:00correction05:01but what we’ve noticed is that we have a05:04higher baseline right the the search05:06volume over time is higher at average05:10than it was previously that means the05:12sentiment has changed means that it’s05:14circling around the back of people’s05:15heads this could be something that could05:17be the next major catalyst as we head05:19into the end of the year because people05:21are already aware of it now i have a05:23background in marketing one of the most05:25important things in marketing is knowing05:26that your touch points with your05:28customer has to be at least seven times05:30right if you want to sell something to05:31someone they have to it has to be seven05:33interactions with that person before05:35they’re likely to purchase your product05:37now that can be the same with any05:39industry and not necessarily just in05:40sales i’m talking about sentiment the05:42more frequently somebody hears about05:44something the more frequently it’s said05:45to them the more likely they are to pay05:47attention to it and possibly even05:50hand over their hard05:51hard-earned dollars for that said thing05:54in this case we’re looking at the05:55metaphors right as more and more people05:57start hearing about the metaphors as it05:59has become desensitized to this possible06:01virtual world that we’ll be living in06:02people are more likely to part with06:04their dollars and invest in metaverse06:06related items products events and so on06:10and with that being said06:11how do we find then which metaverse06:13projects are important how do we find06:15where the volume is going to be going06:17again sentiment i spend an06:20unreasonable amount of time on twitter06:23and on06:24news sites and the reason is not that06:26i’m tweeting a storm every single day06:29but it’s because i’m looking at what06:30other people are saying i’m looking at06:31sentiment i’m searching for certain06:32terms and seeing how many tweets are06:34behind that certain term if we look for06:35a project i see tons of people messaging06:38me every single day what about this06:39project what about that project i’ve06:40heard about this my friend told me about06:42that06:43if it’s something that doesn’t have hype06:44behind it if it’s something that other06:45people aren’t talking about yet it’s06:47probably not going to be a good06:49investment it’s a speculative play at06:50best but06:52what you need to do is look for things06:54that people are already talking about06:56not at the very end of that cycle not06:59after the hype has passed and07:00everybody’s talking about it but you07:01need to see where these little sparks07:03these little fireworks are popping off07:04that people start talking about new07:06projects and new07:07new07:09new events within the metaversal with07:11whichever industry you’re interested in07:13if you’re interested in d5 if you’re07:14interested in layer ones whatever it is07:16look for where the hype is07:19we saw this very recently with a project07:20known as kadena and cadena is07:23in the terra ecosystem we saw a ton of07:25influencers start talking about it all07:26of a sudden on twitter massive massive07:28hype for this project it skyrocketed in07:30price and then had to come down to07:32correct but we saw those sparks start07:35firing off right at the beginning and07:36that’s what we’re seeing again with07:37metaverse we see a ton of these projects07:40slowly but surely being mentioned here07:42and there one of these in particular is07:43ufo gaming now i first got notified07:46about that somebody dmd on twitter07:47telling me about ufo gaming it’s this07:49meme token meme game gaming token it’s07:51going to be incredible it’s going to be07:52huge and i first brushed it aside but07:55then i saw other influencers in other07:57people talking about it now07:59there’s this misconception that08:01every project that influencers talk08:02about is a sponsored or paid project or08:05they have some sort of incentive to08:06promote that while that is the case08:08perhaps they have seed allocation08:10perhaps to have a early allocation08:12perhaps they’ve been paid in tokens08:14perhaps they’ve been even paid by the08:15project and this goes undisclosed all08:17over the crypto space and the08:18cryptosphere it happens all the time08:20that people don’t disclose that they08:21have vested interest in these projects08:23but that doesn’t matter to you as the08:24investor all you’re managing here here08:27or all you’re looking for is sentiment08:29so when these influencers start talking08:31about that whether it’s paid or not it08:33doesn’t matter because there are going08:35to be more influences they’re going to08:36be more names there’s going to be more08:37people talking about it about this state08:40project or whatever it is the hype is08:42going to drive that project it’s going08:43to drive the growth as i said in the08:45beginning of this video 90 of the value08:47is based on hype that’s going to pump08:48the price of these projects and that’s08:50where you make your gains it doesn’t08:52matter08:53what the underlying08:55incentive is for these people that are08:56talking about these projects the idea is08:58that you as the viewer or the investor09:00can capitalize on whatever is going on09:02behind the scenes because i can09:03guarantee you there’s a lot of shady09:04stuff that goes on but it doesn’t matter09:07you can still use it to your your09:08advantage09:09now how do i find which which projects09:11i’m looking for where do i look09:13uh to find this the sentiment i said09:16like i said you can use twitter you can09:17use new sites and so on then you can of09:19course use coin gecko go to the09:20metaverse coins i’m going to be using09:22this as an example see where the gains09:24are happening when something pumps 4209:26stand back look at it again and figure09:28out has this part passed what is this09:30hype what’s driving this right now am i09:32going to be shaken out of my bags if you09:34see other coins pumping and you see09:35other projects pumping and your bags09:37aren’t09:38first think about how much those coins09:39are pumped before buying into them09:41because if you do that often you’ll be09:42chasing the pump and wrecking yourself09:44and then foaming back into09:46back and forth between different coins09:47so what you need to do is before you09:49invest anything look where the sentiment09:51and hype is and invest in those and09:52simply sit back and wait and look what09:54what happens to the sentiment if it09:55doesn’t09:56increase if it dies off09:59reinvest look somewhere else don’t get10:00married to your rags don’t get married10:02to these coins because they aren’t they10:03aren’t loyal to you either10:05now one thing that you can use is10:07something known as dapper radar now dapp10:09radar has a ton of different uh10:12stats and metrics to help you find good10:13projects but if we’re looking for let’s10:15say metaverse coins or blockchain games10:17and so on how do we pick out which ones10:19are important where the volume is going10:21well we can look at user count right so10:24if we look at blockchain games look at10:25how many users are actually playing10:26those games that is the productive side10:28of the asset meaning that people are10:29actually inter interacting or actually10:31using these games playing in them10:33investing money into these games earning10:35from these games so there’s the10:36productivity side to that right then we10:38can look at sentiment here’s another10:40site called play to and this10:42will help you judge market sentiment10:44it’ll judge the social engagement of10:46certain projects over the last seven10:47days over the last 24 hours and you see10:50where that sentiment’s going so for10:51example we can see actually infinity has10:53had a rise over the last seven days so10:55possibly that could be a good play10:56because there’s a lot more sentiment a10:58lot more movement happening into that we11:00look at something like the art of war we11:02look at something like sandbox all of11:03these had major grow11:05growth in the last few days so perhaps11:08that’s where their money’s going phaeton11:09wars is another one that’s very very11:10hype right now we can see it’s been11:12rising over the past seven days11:15so look at all these different metrics11:17and then come up in your head with a11:19your own sort of structure your own sort11:21of guideline as to11:23what you’re looking for sentiment11:25actual productivity actual users people11:27investing in these things judge the11:29sentiment on twitter and then decide11:30whether you want to invest in that11:32now of course you have to keep in mind11:34of course market cap as well what could11:36be the next big project now many many11:39months ago i i gave you guys a very key11:41piece of information which is look for11:43the big brother the big brother effect11:45right so sandbox is huge right now11:48uh five six billion dollars11:49decentralized six billion dollars what11:51could be the next decentraland what11:53could be the next sandbox now don’t go11:55looking too far down the rabbit hole11:56don’t go looking for projects that are11:58500 00011:59500 000 market cap or 5012:03cent market caps or whatever like really12:05really small look for larger cap12:07projects let’s say within the12:0950 to 100 million market cap region and12:12see what is important here what is12:14where’s the hype growing which projects12:15are selling land who are they integrated12:17with do they have any partnerships with12:19gaming studios do they have any12:20partnerships with huge companies12:22and that’s how you can judge sentiment12:24one of the the key project that i spoke12:26about many years ago or many months ago12:28as well is chain games now chain games12:31had an astronomical rise after i12:33mentioned i think it did 100x within the12:35months so we mentioned it around here12:37which was of course12:38what two cents and it skyrocketed to a12:42dollar12:43what caused this major spike here12:45their possible partnership or at the12:47time it was a partnership with fortnite12:49a massive global game that is just a12:51sentiment pure driven hype move right12:54and this is an opportunity it would have12:56been an opportunity for you to take12:57profits because you were maximizing or12:59capitalizing on the sentiment change now13:02that partnership never ended up going13:04through there was a pull out and13:05fortnite came out of that and of course13:07we saw the breakdown of that13:08but what i’m highlighting here is that13:11you need to look out for these key13:12events see where the hype is driven see13:14who’s backing these projects where13:15they’re moving from side to side another13:17one of these to give you an example is13:19travala right travala is a travel based13:22project that i also mentioned back when13:24it was a couple cents13:26and it skyrocketed in price why because13:28the narrative around travel change when13:30the restrictions started lifting towards13:31the end of last year there was a ton of13:33different things happening that push the13:35this travel narrative right13:37then we have a project which i in fact13:39am a c investor in as well13:41which is known as d-travel13:46and d-travel has13:48pretty much the same sort of incentive13:50right it’s similar to travala it’s13:51actually the airbnb of crypto and they13:53have this this narrative behind it why13:56because they’re tapping into the current13:58metaverse narrative right before14:01co-founding the sandbox game sebastian14:03spent the past decade working in14:04startups advancing mobile gaming14:06learning about his entrepreneurial14:07achievements here14:08is from sandbox a massive massive14:11metaverse or blockchain gaming company14:14and he’s now moved over to d travel what14:16does this mean well we could see some14:18hype move away from that into this14:20because he has a following there’s a14:21sentiment change you’re following where14:23the hype is going you’re following who14:24this guy is and that’s pretty much what14:26you can do in every sort of industry uh14:28in crypto is follow where the big minds14:30are going where the money is moving14:31where the narrative is going if people14:33are14:34past mit uh students if people are14:37past professors it doesn’t matter what14:39what they’re doing but you need to14:40understand the history you need to14:41understand human emotion you need to14:43understand human behavior14:46and that will help you maximize your14:47gains in this market now to give you14:49another example of this if we look at14:51board apes as an example in the nft14:53space right board apes are possibly14:56probably the the biggest crypto project14:58right now the biggest nft crypto project15:00right15:01why15:02it’s purely based on sentiment15:04we have celebrities buying board apes we15:07have celebrities investing in board apes15:09putting them in their music videos15:10putting them in the tv shows we have tv15:12shows spin-offs happening off of them15:13why it’s not because these people are15:15buying these products15:16to invest in them they’re buying them as15:18a form of clout a form of status a form15:20of affiliation right it’s an affiliation15:23with this unique very important uh15:25exclusive club15:27and that’s a sign of sentiment so even15:29if these influences are being paid to15:31purchase these board apps which we’ve15:33noticed that is what’s happening right a15:34lot of them are being paid to buy board15:36apes and that of course helps the entire15:38broad app collection as a whole but15:41what is it doing it’s maximizing the15:43sentiment or the narrative behind this15:45being this exclusive club this blue chip15:48project and that’s all you need to care15:50about all you need to care about is15:51association affiliation news hype around15:54all of these projects in the space if15:55you do want to be successful in this and15:57you would have seen that i open here as well because16:00this is one of those projects as well16:02that i spoke about when it was really16:03really really tiny a couple cents as16:05well and it had a recent blow-off or a16:08recent blow off top16:09and a recent rise why because of the16:11sentiment change it’s a fantastic16:14company they’ve been16:16bought stadiums bought arenas changed16:18their name to arena all of16:19these things this is hype this is news16:21based growth16:23and it’s an opportunity to take profits16:24and it’s an opportunity to make money16:26because you follow the hype and you16:27understand where it’s moving in the16:29market the first thing that i want to16:31talk about before we get into anything16:33else as well is ftx so fdx hopefully i’m16:36the first one that can drop this news16:38this is the kind of information that i16:39do want to be sharing in the future in16:41the discord so if you haven’t yet go16:42join that ftx us is going to be16:45launching nfts16:47on ethereum so as you guys know the ftx16:50nft marketplace is currently celino16:52based nfts they will be launching16:54ethereum as well which is another reason16:55that why we decided to launch on16:56ethereum16:57our personal project because most of the17:00value most the sentiment whether we like17:02it or not is on ethereum right that’s17:04where most of the value in the market is17:06especially in d5 especially in nfts is17:08on ethereum ftx has noticed this as well17:10and that’s why they’re launching this17:12but some key information that is quite17:13cool is compared to openc compared to17:15other marketplaces ftx is not going to17:18charge you anything for listing for17:20buying selling for adjusting your bids17:21for bidding on nfts it’s going to be17:23completely free gas less you you’ll17:25simply be able to list your nfts17:27on there for free and make some trade17:29and sales that way which is phenomenal17:31phenomenal especially for ethereum nfts17:34because that is one of the major17:35hindrances in east nfts is because17:38people can’t afford those fees to list17:40and trade and so on so this is an17:41important piece of information here i17:43just want to note that i’m not sponsored17:45by ftx i have no affiliation with them17:47at all i simply have this information17:49because ftx has been kind enough to17:51announce that they will be supporting17:52our project uh your mom’s house after17:55launch so that’s some good information17:57if you if you care to to learn about18:00that but now let’s talk about sentiment18:01again right so essentially what i’m18:04telling you here18:05is all you have to be looking at18:07is where the hype is going search for18:09the different projects on google search18:10for the different project on twitter see18:12what the hype is happening around them18:14for example render recently had a ton of18:16hype when the metaverse pumped because18:18who’s going to render the metaverse of18:20course it’s going to be a render token18:21now it could be a variety of different18:22projects it could be a cache network it18:24could be render it could be18:26amazon who knows but18:28if you maximized or capitalized on that18:30hype when that sentiment changed you’d18:32be sitting very very pretty right now18:36um and before we we close off the video18:38i just want to speak to you guys about18:40the crypto fee and green index and the18:42end of the market i do think we still18:43have a a way to go before we do have a18:46blow off top or even if we do and we18:47have a an extended bull market we have18:49the fiona green index sitting at 3418:51which is pretty good means that we’re in18:52fear and as you know that’s not a bad18:54thing it’s actually a really good thing18:56because if bitcoin is currently sitting18:58at what fifty eight thousand dollars18:59fifty nine thousand dollars and fear is19:01at thirty four it means that there’s19:04room for people to buy into the market19:05for us to move up to the upside if we19:07are we’re at extreme greed and we’re at19:0958 000 i would say we’ve got a problem19:11but we do have good sentiment again this19:13is all this is doing is judging19:14sentiment if you scroll down you can see19:16how they measure where do they get their19:17data sources from a lot of it is based19:19on trends a lot of it is based on social19:21media this is a sentiment driven19:22indicator and you can use that to your19:24advantage to time the market correctly19:26make your picks make good gains and19:28hopefully make some life-changing wealth19:31i hope you guys like that video if you19:32haven’t yet go ahead and enter the19:34giveaway it is a good giveaway join our19:36discord coming there chat19:37i pop in there from time to time we’ll19:39be talking about cool stuff whether it’s19:40crypto philosophy books uh your19:43grandmother’s shoes uh we’ll have a chat19:45if you made it this far please comment19:46down below this video your mom’s house19:50and i’ll see you in the next video19:51cheers English (auto-generated)