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Watch This If You Want To Make Money In Crypto

How To Actually Make Money And Not Just Lose Money

Gregory at Dapp University gives a Spot On Discussion of what it takes if you want to actually make money, and not just lose money in cryptocurrency

Gregory gives you real world advice without any hype


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🤑 Become an in-demand blockchain MASTER: 🎞️TABLE OF CONTENTS: 00:00 INTRO 01:21 Managing Emotions 04:17 Principle of Buying / Selling 08:20 Analyzing Projects 11:29 Portfolio Construction 13:00 Avoid excessive risk 14:41 Security Subscribe to this channel:    / @dappuniversity   Instagram:   / dappuniversity   Twitter:   / dappuniversity   Email:

Watch This If You Want To Make Money In Crypto


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space ever since 2017 and it stilled
this into a simple guide with some basic
principles that you can use to actually
turn a profit so if you’re new around
here hey I’m Gregory and on this channel
I turn you into a blockchain master so
if that’s something you’re interested in
then smash that like button down below
for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe
to this Channel and while I’ve
personally been a crypto holder for many
years myself the best way to make it in
this space is to become a blockchain
developer and I can sh to do that step
byep for start to finish over adapted booot
Camp all right so let’s get into this so
first and foremost I don’t warrant
anything I’m saying this video is to be
Financial advice I’m not telling you to
buy or sell any specific
cryptocurrencies based on this
information these are just some
principles that have worked for me to
actually make money in this space with
crypto but the First Fundamental rule
that you have to understand with crypto
is you have to buy low and sell high but
that’s the opposite of what most people
do they look at a chart like this where
they see price going up like crazy and
then they buy somewhere like right here
but then what happens next the price
goes down and it goes down and it goes
down and they sell somewhere around here
and one of the big reasons for this is
just Panic selling so the first thing I
really want to talk about when you’re
going to make it in crypto is managing
your own emotions because crypto is a
game of emotions trust me and you have
to have a system to manage that because
the prices are going to go up and down
like crazy nothing goes up in a straight
line and so there’s some simple rules
that you can do to help manage these
types of emotions so what are they so
rule number one is do not invest any
more than you can afford to lose into
crypto one of the biggest reasons people
get scared when they buy crypto and then
they sell really quickly when the price
goes down it’s because they put way too
much in so they think when the price
goes down like how am I going to pay my
rent so if you’re using rent money to
invest in crypto then that’s your first
mistake because it’s really easy to look
at the crypto markets and think I’m just
going to put 100% of my liquid net worth
into this asset class and then just
watch it go parabolic you know and maybe
the coming months and years and just
perfectly sell the top but honestly
you’re probably not going to be able to
stomach that volatility and you’re not
going to sell when it’s the right time
so what I’ve personally done is put a
much smaller percentage in and then let
that boost the overall returns because
think about it this way if you put 10%
of your liquid assets into crypto and
that appreciated in value by 10x and you
actually booked those profits then 10
Xing 10% doubles what you have and
that’s an insane result and also losing
10% is not a devastating outcome so
another way to manage your emotions in
crypto is to avoid fomo or fear of
missing out so basically you know if you
look at a chart like this it’s really
easy to say oh man the price has gone up
so much and then you start buying right
here because you’re afraid it’s going to
keep going higher but typically what
happens is a lot of other people feel
that way and then the price does this
and you do what I said before you panic
sell only to watch the price rebound
here where you could have gotten out at
a higher level and so how do you avoid
you know fomo well it’s the old adage of
being fearful when others are greedy and
greedy when others are fearful so
basically if you feel like you know
you’re just scared to miss out lots of
other people probably feel that way too
and that probably means the price is
going to go down soon and when it does
you can actually buy when other people
are scared assuming that the trend is
going higher and you get a bunch better
entry and you’ll actually be in profit
and another way to manage your emotions
in crypto is go ahead and back off your
expectations okay it’s really easy to
look at a historical price chart like
this of Bitcoin and say man if I just
bought here and then sold here you know
I’d have had some insane like you know
50x return but you’re probably not going
to find the top of the market okay I’ll
talk about taking profits here in a
second but go ahead and erase that for
your mind you’re not going to find the
perfect top you’re not going to sell it
and then just sit back and cash out and
so for that reason like if you have this
50x number in your head you should
probably go ahead and back down those
expectations so I mean what if you just
just you know did a 5x off of something
that’s a pretty insane result and if you
actually booked those profits and walked
away like it’s really hard to find a 5x
return on investment in any other asset
class outside of crypto and when you
start to see those parabolic runs like
taking some profit off the table is
rarely a bad idea all right so now let’s
get into some principles of buying and
selling okay so one pretty easy way to
temper your emotions and make things a
little easier is to do what’s called
dollar cost averaging so if you don’t
know what that means it basically means
take however much money that you’re
actually going to spend on a
cryptocurrency and break it up into
smaller chunks and invest that over time
okay because the price is very volatile
it goes up and down and then you can
sort of calculate your average buyin
price and that will be what your actual
you know investment is that can that can
take off so let me explain what this is
so important so basically like let’s say
that you were going to invest you know
$1,000 into uh crypto okay and then you
did it right here because you felt fomo
well then the price goes around and does
this and you’re down you know 50% well
then you might Panic sell but if you you
know you started here with fomo and then
said okay I’m going buy some and it does
this and it goes down and let’s say you
bought this dip but then it does that
and then you buy some here you buy some
here and you buy some here well by the
time you get to here okay you’ll have
way more and you’ll be in the black and
you’ll resist the temptation to panic
cell because you’ll start to see
recovery much sooner before you book
these nice profits and so that’s kind of
how dollar cost averaging works now a
couple other things I want to talk about
during the buying phase is is you know
basically number one eras your
expectations that you’re ever going to
perfectly buy the bottom of the market
okay some people do but vast majority of
people don’t and honestly the better
risk reward scenario is to watch for a
thing that’s in a range or accumulating
with some buying volume and then you can
employ that dollar cost average strategy
to get a good average entry and then
watch it Trend up over time and part of
that is the aspect of Being Greedy when
others are fearful so when something’s
in a range or it’s in an upward Trend
and you buy those dips in that range or
in that upward trend that’s how you can
get good dollar cost average entance and
then watch the price go up and you’ll be
in profit much faster all right so now
let’s talk about actually selling your
crypto because at the end of the day you
know unless you just plan to hold the
crypto for a very long time which that’s
okay but if you’re trying to actually
get some cash profits off the table you
actually have to take profits at some
point so how do you do that well again
you want to avoid the temptation to
think that you’re perfectly going to
time the top go ahead and erase that
assumption from your uh thinking and you
can employ the dollar cost average
strategy that I talked about for
accumulating cryptos to also selling so
instead of just like finding the top and
clicking sell and selling everything and
getting that maximum return you
basically are looking for parabolic
moves in the space and then selling
around periods of those parabolic
activity so for example if you’re had a
dollar cost average way down here and
then you see this parabolic move well
you could you could sell some right here
okay and then if it keeps going you sell
a little more all right and then if the
parabola breaks and you’re actually on
the way down you can continue to all
cash average out and maybe you leave
some in for the long term and if it t
picks back up again you can start to
employ that same strategy until the
price you know you either completely
erase your position or you just take
whatever profit you want to in the short
term off the table now some other
principles for selling are listening to
your own emotions you know at the
beginning of this video I talked about
you need to manage your emotions but you
should also listen to them so a pretty
good general rule of thumb is if if you
feel scared you know and you feel or Fe
fear of missing out that’s typically an
IND Ator but if you also feel Euphoria
okay like oh my gosh I’ve made so much
money everyone around me is making so
much money then that might be a time to
start thinking about taking a little bit
of money off the table so talking about
being greedy when others are fearful and
fearful when others are greedy if you
are feeling all this greed and other
people are feeling all this greed that
might be a time to reduce your exposure
there’s all kinds of indicators you can
look at with this you can look what
people are saying on social media you
can also look at one of the indicators
that has a nearly 100% success rate at
calling Market tops which is the coin
base uh position inside the App Store
this is back in October of 2021
basically right before the beginning of
November when the market top for crypto
you know coinbase regains number one
position on the Apple App Store as jumps to third so that’s an
indication that everybody in their
brother is trying to get in and buy
crypto and whenever that’s happening
it’s time to start reducing your
exposure all right so now let’s talk
about actually analyzing projects and
what their potential are for returns
because some people are saying like hey
how much return can I potentially make
off these types of assets they want to
say hey I want a 10x my portfolio or
100x my portfolio Whatever It Is Well
you have to wonder is that even possible
okay or within the realm of possibility
so I’m going to talk about a few traps
people get into right now so one is that
they just look at the cryptocurrency
price and compare it to others okay they
get on a website like coin market cap or
coin GetGo and they say oh Bitcoin is
trading at
$41,000 and you know ethereum is trading
$2,188 so what if ethereum goes to
$41,000 just like like Bitcoin well that
fails to take into account the market
cap so the market cap is basically like
how much are all the coins worth okay so
that’s how you want to compare it so
ethereum’s market cap is you know
$263 billion in Bitcoin is $86 billion
so that basically means that Bitcoin is
worth four times as much as ethereum not
20 times so basically what I’m saying
there is it’s very unlikely that the
market cap of ethereum is going to go up
by 20 times if Bitcoin is like staying
at this level so another way people get
trapped up with this is they see you
know coins like uh you know Dogecoin
which is 9 cents and they’re like whoa
what if Dogecoin goes to $100 well it’s
super unlikely because Dogecoin has a
market cap of $13 billion and if it went
to something crazy like you know $10 it
would be a market cap of 1.3 trillion
which would be higher than bitcoin’s
historical all-time market cap it’s just
not going to happen and so another
reason you have to think about is is
this coin going to potentially generate
the types of returns is you have to ask
yourself why would it do it in the first
place okay so first of all you have to
understand that crypto is highly
cyclical okay it goes through these
explosive Trends and you know typically
speaking whenever you know we go into a
crazy Trend most ships rise with that
Trend okay but they don’t All Rise
equally all right so you have to
understand like why would certain coins
go up well of like Bitcoin has really
strong uh you know fundamentals in terms
of a lot of people use the network they
hold the coins um it has some value to
it okay but there’s also things like ETF
down the pipeline so there’s a strong
reason why people want to hold Bitcoin
so same thing for ethereum is the number
one smart contract platform out there uh
you can have staking yield from it and
for that reason there’s probably going
to be a lot of people who want to hold
ethereum this very large you know air
quotes safe coin so it’s a strong bet
but then when you start getting outside
of that okay all these alternative layer
one smaller cap altcoins etc etc a lot
of this stuff is highly narrative driven
okay and even all crypto is is narrative
driven to some degree but you have to
ask yourself like does this you know
project have a strong story behind it
and is that going to be a story that
resonates with other people and so for
example there’s lots of hot narratives
for uh you know the 2024 coming cycle
like AI you know decentralized physical
infrastructure like deepend crypto
gaming and things like that so part of
it is saying like hey does this fit into
the picture of where we think the market
is going to go rather than just throwing
a dart at a dart board and saying like
oh is this coin is probably going to go
up cuz everything else well all right so
now let’s talk about portfolio
construction because you know what I was
saying a minute ago is you know if the
entire Trend in the crypto space is
positive then most ships are going to
rise but they’re not all going to rise
equally and some may barely rise or not
even rise at all okay so that looks like
basically spreading your risk out all
right now I’m not going to tell you
which coins to buy and how much to wait
if each blah blah blah blah blah again
I’m not giving you specific Financial
advice in this video but the general
principle is you don’t exactly know how
much every single coin is going to go up
you can guess but the best way to
basically spread out your risk okay so
what that might look like is taking a
coin that has a very strong bet in a
very large market cap and putting like a
50% allocation in it and taking another
one like that and doing a 25% allocation
and then picking two three four five
other small coins which you think you
know could have a strong performance
potential and spreading your risk across
the remaining amount of your portfolio
as another way could be basically like
taking a big coin that you think is
probably going to perform well and then
putting in like 50 % okay and then
putting in uh maybe an even split or
whatever weightings you want to of you
know five to 10 other smaller projects
this is more of like what’s called a
barbell strategy and the reasons for
this are basically again you don’t know
which ones are going to be the big
Winners and those if you just get one
big winner it could make up for the
underperformance of everything else but
also it reduces your risk because if one
of these projects goes to zero I mean
some of these totally can go to zero
then it doesn’t nuke your entire you
know stat all right so also whenever
whenever you’re in the crypto space you
need to avoid excessive risk all right
the entire crypto space is risky enough
as it is and the last thing you want to
do is lose your ticket to the rocket
ship as it’s going to the moon so how
can you do that well number one you can
avoid excessively risky Behavior so
number one is leverage so what is that
well basically if you don’t to know what
Leverage is you shouldn’t be using it in
the first place and even if you know
what Leverage is unless you’ve
successfully used leverage multiple
times then you probably shouldn’t even
be in it so basically this is taking
some amount of cryptocurrency and then
locking it up and getting extra
cryptocurrency that you’re essentially
you know collateralized in borrowing and
then trading with that so let’s say you
deposit 0.1 BTC and then you want to use
10x leverage to get 10 BTC where you can
get the benefit of the price
appreciation going up looks great but
the problem is if your price goes down
enough your position can get liquidated
and you just lose all your money I’ve
seen people blow up with the stuff all
the time same thing with shorting they
borrow the cryptocurrency so they can
think the price is going to go down
shorting has such a limited profit
potential I don’t even touch it and most
people are going to get absolutely
wrecked trying to call this so generally
speaking avoiding leverage at all costs
is a good principle for surviving these
markets again the entire trend is
leverag in and of itself so another
principle is basically dumpster diving
for super risky low cap altcoin gems
okay I’m not saying that you can’t do
this but you have to understand what the
risks are okay because it’s easy to have
a coin with a small market cap and say
Hey what if this things goes to a
billion dollars but you have to
understand there’s lots of these
projects that can completely go to zero
and never ever recover so that’s a
really quick way if you put all your
money in this stuff they could all go to
zero all right so the final tip for
actually making money in the crypto
space is you have to hold on your coins
the entire time that you possess them so
what I mean by that is you don’t want to
get hacked you don’t want your coins to
go away you don’t want to keep them on
an exchange that could possibly go down
Okay so let’s talk about that right now
this is the topic of security so we saw
we see Mt massive exchanges go down like
FTX Lots people have PTSD from that type
of scenario so if you’re going to hold
your coins on exchanges it’s probably
best to do on something has a very long
reputation for safely storing customer
funds I’m not officially endorsing an
exchange like coinbase but coinbase has
done a pretty good job an honest actor I
believe in the crypto space but even if
you hold coins on an exchange like
coinbase you want to make sure that you
have things like two- Factor
authentication turned on so that nobody
can steal your password and you
definitely don’t want to use your phone
number as two-factor authentication
because you can get SIM swapped and
somebody can drain your account so
another consideration is if you decide
to hold your own coins in your own
wallet again there’s the addage of not
your keys not your crypto and if you
want to hold your private Keys then
having something like a hardware wallet
can really help out in that regard now
you want to make sure that you back up
your seed phrase in a very safe Manner
and I’ll put a link to a video where I
talk about how to do this down in the
description below all right so that’s an
overview of how to actually make money
in crypto because again A lot of people
do not make money in crypto they either
buy high and they sell low or they lose
their crypto or they get blown up with
leverage or they just don’t manage their
emotions well and they never actually
exit the space with profit or take any
profit off the table so I don’t want you
to have to go through that and I will
hope that you can use these principles
that I’ve learned over multiple years
and multiple Stakes but have actually
made money in this space and had a
result that 99% of other people have not
so if you got value out of this video
make sure you smash that like button
down below for the YouTube algorithm
subscribe to this channel if you haven’t
already that really helps these videos
out so that more people learn about
blockchain and while I am a multi-year
crypto holder myself you know the best
way to make it in this space is to
become a blockchain developer and I can
sh to do that stepbystep for start to
finish over adap booot
Camp you really have to be an expert to
get started today I’ve helped people
with zero coding experience become real
world blockchain developers in a matter
of months so that’s all I’ve got until
next time thanks for watching daers