How To Pick The Next 100x Token Sale

How To Pick The Next 100x Token Sale

How To Find The Next Altcoin On The Market That Could 100x:

Very comprehensive info covering what things to consider in picking that 100x potential Token pick

How To Pick The Next 100x Token Sale

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SECRETS To Finding a 100x Token Sale!! ✅

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 🔥 TOP Crypto TIPS In My Newsletter 👉 📲 Insider Info in my Socials 👉  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ – TIMESTAMPS – 0:00 Intro 2:09 Fair Launch vs. Premine 5:26 ICODrops 7:56 Partnerships & Funding 10:20 Allocation & Tokenomics 13:08 Hype & Star Power 16:24 ICO vs. IEO vs. IDEX 19:30 Conclusion ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ⛓️ 🔗 Useful Links 🔗 ⛓️ ► Top 10 highest ROIs for cryptocurrency ICOs:… ► Track upcoming ICOs with ICOdrops: ► Double check ERC-20 token allocations using Etherscan: ► How to find the next altcoin on the market that could 100x: ► How to plan your ultimate altcoin exit strategy: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ⛏Fair Launch vs. Premine⛏ Fair launch cryptocurrencies are those that do not have any specific allocations and are earned by the people who actively participate on that cryptocurrency’s blockchain. By contrast, premined cryptocurrencies usually have a portion of their initial, total, and sometimes even future supply pre-allocated to certain groups of people. 💰Partnerships & Funding💰 The easiest way to fact check these partnerships is to go creep that cryptocurrency project’s blog or Medium page. If you cannot find a blog post that details the specific nature of the partnership, consider that a red flag. Similarly, any claims of being featured in reputable newspapers like Forbes or CNN are usually nothing more than paid promotions. 💸Token Allocation & Tokenomics💸 It is more common to see ICO token allocations of anywhere between 15 to 50% of the initial token supply. If less than 15% of the initial token supply is going to publicly sold, check to see whether the tokens allocated to founders, investors, and other non-ICO purposes will be immediately available or if they will be gradually released over a fixed period of time. The ideal tokenomics would be a gradual unlock for all non-ICO tokens that lasts at least two years or more and a maximum supply or very low annual inflation with bonus points if the token is deflationary. A token must also provide robust economic incentives for participation either due to its use case or staking or mining rewards. 📷Hype & Star Power📷 If the ICO you are interested in is currently underway, you can easily see if demand is high by how much money the project has raised relative to how long the ICO has been active. If the ICO you are interested in has yet to occur, go the website of the project and open up all of their social channels. Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Medium, you name it. If they already have thousands of followers and have a high amount of engagement, you can be pretty confident that their ICO is going to do quite well. The real combo breaker is if this cryptocurrency project also has some amount of star power. This includes things like having reputable or popular founder, having any significant partnerships, or if the project is working closely with a current leader in the cryptocurrency space. 📊ICO vs. IEO vs. IDEX📊 An ICO occurs when tokens are directly transferred from the crypto project to investors who participated in the sale. The problem is that tokens issued in this manner do not usually list on any reputable exchanges right away. As such, a lot of the initial price action can be nothing more than market manipulation. Tokens issued during IEOs do not have this benefit but are instead blessed with the perk of being immediately available to inexperienced and irrational retail investors that will push the token to the moon if it starts to gain momentum. The issue is that IEOs tend to sell out quickly, tend to have a lot more requirements than ICOs for investors, and volatility also tends to be incredibly high in the first few days or even weeks after the IEO ends. IDEX offerings tend to be more expensive for investors due to the ETH gas fees that need to be paid to use the DEX. Consequently, the actual price you pay per token ends up being much higher than the initial price noted by the crypto project, and it is therefore common for the price of the tokens you bought to crash significantly in the hours and days that follow. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 📜 Disclaimer 📜 The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome. #crypto #crowdsale #ico #token #ieo #uniswap #exchange

How To Pick The Next 100x Token Sale

How To Pick The Next 100x Token Sale


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00:01for many cryptocurrency is synonymous00:03with financial freedom00:05besides being a form of currency that00:07exists outside of the current financial00:09system00:10the returns on cryptocurrency00:11investments are near impossible in00:13legacy finance00:15it’s normal for a crypto to jump by00:17double digit percentages in a day00:19or even a single hour now while bitcoin00:22does00:22see this sort of price action from time00:24to time many of you will know that these00:26impressive gains are much more commonly00:28seen in00:29altcoins with much smaller market caps00:31however00:32the holy grail of cryptocurrency00:34investing is finding that hot altcoin00:37well before it makes it to market00:39returns00:40on newly listed cryptocurrencies can00:42easily be 100×00:44or more with the highest recorded return00:46on investment for a cryptocurrency ico00:48sitting at around 1.3 million00:52finding the right early stage project is00:55no easy task but00:56by the end of this video you will have00:59everything you need to find the projects01:01that may change your life forever01:08[Music]01:10before i begin the banter i need to come01:13clean now i hate to disappoint you but i01:15am not a financial advisor01:17and so nothing in this video should be01:19considered financial or01:20investment advice consider this video to01:23be a valuable resource you can use to01:25further refine01:26your understanding of the cryptocurrency01:28space the name01:29is guy and the game is crypto here at01:32the bureau i investigate the latest and01:34greatest cryptocurrencies exchanges and01:37d5 protocols and then01:39give you no-nonsense breakdowns of what01:41i found in my daily videos on the01:43channel01:44so if that’s something you want to be a01:45part of hit that subscribe button01:47to pledge your allegiance to the bureau01:50pinging that notification bell will let01:52you know when it’s time for my latest01:54crypto briefing01:55as always i’ve left timestamps below01:58that you can use to get around and you01:59can even read short descriptions of each02:02section02:02in the main description if you’re02:04pressed for time all right02:06that’s enough introduction let’s get02:08started shall we02:10there are two terms you always need to02:12keep in mind when it comes to evaluating02:14an upcoming cryptocurrency02:16these are fair launch and pre-mine02:20fair launch cryptocurrencies are those02:22that do not have any specific02:24allocations and are earned by the people02:26who actively participate02:28on that cryptocurrency’s blockchain the02:30most famous02:31fair launch cryptocurrency is of course02:33bitcoin02:34bitcoin began when its genesis block was02:37mined in 2009.02:39this created the first 50 btc which went02:42directly to the person who minded02:43most likely bitcoin’s creator satoshi02:46nakamoto02:47as time went on and more people began02:49mining bitcoin the distribution of btc02:52increased along with the02:53decentralization and security02:55of the bitcoin network no btc was02:58pre-mined02:58none of it was automatically allocated03:00to any investors in the project03:02and 100 of the mining rewards went03:05and continue to go to the people who03:08participate03:08in the bitcoin network as miners other03:12examples of fair launch cryptocurrencies03:14include litecoin03:15dogecoin and more recently the wi-fi03:17token 10003:19of which was earned by those providing03:21liquidity03:22to various pools on yearn.finance03:25this is in sharp contrast to most03:27cryptocurrencies we see today03:29which had something called a pre-mine as03:32the name suggests03:33pre-mined cryptocurrencies usually have03:35a portion of their initial03:37total and sometimes even future supply03:39pre-allocated03:41to certain groups of people these03:43include investors03:44founders non-profit organizations of the03:46same name03:47those who participated in the public ico03:49and those who actively participate on03:51that cryptocurrencies network03:53assuming it has mining or staking03:55rewards03:56now since pre-mines often involve03:58allocating a large number of tokens to a04:00small group of individuals04:02and entities that have the same profit04:04motives as you and me04:05their selling behavior can and often04:07does suppress04:08price action the worst examples of this04:11are probably xrp04:12and stella neither of which have mining04:14rewards to incentivise decentralization04:17and both of which held the overwhelming04:19majority of their initial token supplies04:22when they launched04:23ripple in particular has come under fire04:25many times for selling large amounts of04:27xrp04:28that said pre-mined cryptocurrencies are04:31not always bad04:32they just come with a higher risk of04:33collapsing either financially04:35or programmatically due to a higher04:37degree of centralization04:39and an inequitable token distribution04:42likewise fair launch cryptocurrencies04:44aren’t always good04:46if they have bad tokenomics it can make04:48it very hard for them to see04:49any serious price action although most04:52new cryptocurrencies you see will be04:54pre-mined be04:55on the lookout for any fair launch04:57cryptocurrencies04:58they are incredibly rare and hard to05:00find but will likely yield05:02much higher rewards than pre-mined05:04cryptos05:05the best place to fish for fair launch05:07cryptos are places like twitter05:09reddit and bitcointalk sometimes the05:12crypto media will also cover a fair05:14launch crypto if it was created by a05:16notable personality in the space05:19for all the others you’re going to have05:20to get down and dirty and find the good05:22pre-mined cryptos05:23using an ico tracking website05:27while there are many ico tracking sites05:29the best is probably ico drops05:32on the home page you’ll find three05:34columns05:35the two that concern you are active ico05:38and05:38upcoming ico here you’ll be given a list05:41of a few dozen currencies05:43luckily ico drops provides a short05:45summary of each ico when you click on05:47them05:48if this summary is incredibly vague or05:50sounds identical to cryptos like bitcoin05:52and ethereum05:53you’re probably dealing with a grade a05:55coin05:56by contrast projects which have an05:58explicit use case that has not yet been06:00addressed by an existing crypto06:02or even seek to add value to blockchains06:04like bitcoin or06:05ethereum can have serious potential06:08to be sure there are a few more things06:10to check if you scroll down just a bit06:12you’ll see a few critical details about06:14the actual token sale06:16the first thing you need to do is make06:17sure that you’re actually allowed to06:19participate06:20in the token sale at all a list of06:22exempt countries is usually given on the06:24right hand side06:25i would also encourage you to study the06:27local laws in your country06:29that pertain to investing in these06:30projects just because they’re accepting06:32your investment does not mean that they06:34are06:35legally allowed to anyways the second06:37thing is to take note of the price per06:39token at ico06:41the lower the price the bigger the gain06:42assuming that everything goes according06:44to plan of course06:46the third thing to check is whether the06:47tokens being sold are erc20 tokens06:50or tokens issued on the project’s native06:52blockchain06:53you can consider this to be a dichotomy06:56similar to pre-mine and fair launch06:58if you see an ico that’s distributing07:00native tokens07:01this is generally a good sign because it07:03suggests that the project has already07:04put in the work07:05to create a functioning product or07:07platform by contrast07:09it takes very little effort to create an07:12erc20 token and it only costs a few07:14thousand dollars07:15to build a cheap website hire someone to07:17write a white paper filled with07:19buzzwords07:19and buy some publicity in pay-to-play07:22news outlets07:23the result is a cryptocurrency project07:25that looks promising on paper but has07:27no actual potential and perhaps even no07:30true intention of delivering on the07:32promises made at the outset07:34this happened hundreds of times during07:36the ico boom of 2017 to 201807:39and unfortunately continues to happen to07:41this day07:43there is one exception to this though07:45and that is when evaluating some07:46promising defy launches07:48these projects generally have to issue07:50erc 20 tokens especially07:52if they want to interact with the07:53ethereum blockchain and its smart07:55contracts07:57if you continue scrolling down the page07:59of the ico you’ve selected you’ll see08:01that ico drops has conveniently taken a08:03few screenshots08:04which will show you things like the08:06token allocation any large investors in08:08the project08:09any notable partnerships and sometimes08:11even a roadmap08:13these images on ico drops can also be08:15really useful when evaluating a08:17cryptocurrency that is already on the08:19market08:19because in many cases the information in08:22those images is no longer available on08:24the website of that cryptocurrency08:27i personally do this as part of my08:29research into existing cryptocurrency08:30projects08:31and you can get the full breakdown of my08:33research methodology08:35in my recent video which i’ve linked to08:37in the top08:38right corner of the screen here08:42a good rule of thumb to follow here when08:44analyzing any partnership claims made by08:46a cryptocurrency project08:48is to assume that most of them are weak08:50or entirely non-existent08:52until proven otherwise sometimes a08:55partnership with google just means that08:57the people working on that crypto08:58company08:59use gmail the easiest way to fact check09:02these partnerships09:03is to go and poke around that09:04cryptocurrency project’s blog or medium09:06page09:08if you cannot find a blog post that09:10details the specific nature of the09:11partnership09:12consider that a red flag similarly any09:16claims of being featured in reputable09:17news outlets like forbes or cnn09:20are usually nothing more than paid09:22promotions thankfully09:24some cryptocurrency news sites like09:26cointelegraph clearly label these09:28sponsored posts09:29others not so much verifying whether a09:32reputable venture capital firm has09:34invested in the project is likewise09:36important09:36but can be a bit more difficult to do09:39you can again check that ico’s blog or09:41medium09:41to try and find details but you’ll09:43probably have more luck checking a09:45website like crunchbase09:47most cryptocurrency projects are listed09:49on crunchbase in some manner and you’re09:51often able to see09:52how much seed money was raised by that09:54crypto project09:55and where it came from crunchbase also09:58usually provides sources for these10:00amounts10:01here’s where things get a bit tricky10:03while it’s always nice to see that a10:05crypto project got millions of dollars10:06in funding from reputable venture10:08capital firms10:09that money will have some strings10:11attached to it exactly how many strings10:13are attached to that capital10:15is partially revealed through an initial10:17token distribution10:19of the project more often than not ico10:22drops will provide images detailing10:24token allocations for past10:25present and future cryptocurrency icos10:29ideally a majority of the initial token10:31supply should be sold10:32during the ico but this is almost never10:35the case10:36it’s more common to see ico token10:38allocations of anywhere between 15 to 5010:41of the initial token supply if less than10:441510:44of the initial token supply is going to10:46be publicly sold10:48i would think twice about investing in10:49this ico10:51that said this will all depend on10:53whether or not these tokens will have10:54lock-ups or vesting schedules10:56in other words whether the tokens10:58allocated to founders10:59investors and other non-ico purposes11:02will be immediately available11:04or if they will be gradually released11:06over a fixed period of time11:08unfortunately the images that ico drops11:10provides do not always contain11:12details about these vesting schedules if11:14this is the case11:15you’re going to have to do some digging11:17to kill two birds with one stone11:19also be on the lookout for any details11:21relating to token supply11:22token inflation or token burning which11:25are also11:26not always provided by ico drops the11:29first resource you should check is the11:31cryptocurrency project’s website11:33if you’re lucky they’ll have a page11:34dedicated to their token which details11:36any lock-up periods or vesting schedules11:39the second resources are their blogs or11:41medium pages and what you’re looking for11:44is a post which goes into detail about11:46the token11:47the third resource you should consult is11:49that project’s white paper which should11:51also be11:52somewhere on their site you can either11:54scroll to the section which details the11:56token11:57or search the document using keywords11:59like allocation12:00vesting lock mining reward inflation12:03supply burn and mint the ideal12:07tokenomics would be a gradual unlock for12:09all non-ico tokens that last12:11at least two years or more and a maximum12:14supply or12:15very low annual inflation with bonus12:18points if the token is deflationary12:20most importantly a token must provide12:22robust economic incentives for12:24participation12:25either due to its use case or staking or12:28mining rewards12:29if you’ve gotten this far and still12:31don’t have a clear picture of this ico’s12:33token lockups12:34vesting schedules or inflation i would12:37personally12:38call it quits when an upcoming12:40cryptocurrency does not provide these12:41details upfront to investors12:43to me that’s a deal breaker however12:46if you are convinced there could still12:48be an investment opportunity here12:50your last course of action should be to12:52reach out to the team directly12:54using that crypto project’s github or12:56telegram channel12:57again you’ll usually find the links to12:59these somewhere on that project’s13:01website13:02assuming you’ve made it this far and13:03everything checks out you now need to13:05evaluate the hype13:06around the project in addition to strong13:10fundamentals13:10partnerships and tokenomics an upcoming13:13cryptocurrency project13:14must be able to generate the hype that’s13:16needed to get people13:17interested and engaged this is because13:20at the end of the day13:21the thing that’s going to propel the13:23price of any given asset13:25is high demand there are many ways you13:28can measure the demand for a13:29cryptocurrency in its ico stage13:32if the ico you’re interested in is13:33currently underway you can easily see if13:35demand is high by13:36how much money the project has raised13:38relative to how long13:40the ico has been active if it’s only13:42been a day13:43and the project is already 50 funded you13:46might have a winner on your hands13:48however the real moonshot icos tend to13:51sell out within hours or even within13:53minutes13:54meaning you’re going to have to measure13:56demand well before the money starts13:58flying13:59if the ico you’re interested in has yet14:02to occur14:03go to the website of the project and14:04open up all of their social channels14:07twitter telegram facebook medium you14:10name it14:11if they already have thousands of14:12followers and have a high amount of14:14engagement14:15you can be pretty confident that their14:17ico is going to do quite well14:19the real combo breaker is if this14:21cryptocurrency project14:23also has some amount of star power this14:26includes things like having a reputable14:28or popular founder14:29having any significant partnerships or14:32if the project is working closely14:34with a current leader in the14:35cryptocurrency space14:37this is important because as the ico14:39date approaches14:40explaining the objective value of a14:42cryptocurrency is going to become14:44less and less important picture this you14:47have14:48two cryptocurrency projects in their ico14:50stage let’s call them14:51a and b both have good fundamentals14:55tokenomics use cases the whole shebang14:58however a has star power whereas b15:01does not it’s hours before the ico for15:03crypto project b15:04and last minute investors flock to the15:07project to see if they’re going to15:08invest15:09since they didn’t do any actual research15:12the information they’re going off15:13is what they see on b’s social media15:16so they see a whole bunch of cool but15:18complicated infographic15:20statistics and a bunch of other stuff15:22that seems logical15:23and a few of them invest in the ico it’s15:26hours before the ico for crypto project15:28a15:28and last minute investors once again15:30flocked to the project15:31since they once again did not do any15:33actual research they’re going to make a15:35decision15:35based on what they see on that crypto15:37project social media15:39they see names of companies like google15:41and microsoft they see15:43pictures flaunting some handsome harvard15:45educated blockchain wizard15:46with a solid name like i don’t know guy15:49and perhaps even a photo of said15:51handsome guy shaking hands with15:53elon musk almost every single last15:56minute investor15:57instantly decides to participate in a’s15:59ico and some16:00even broadcast this amazing investment16:02opportunity on their own social media16:04channels16:05bringing even more investors into the16:07project now that these irrational16:09investors have bought in16:10it’s only a matter of time before they16:12become hopiomatics16:13and their irrationality is what will16:15ultimately guarantee16:16incredible returns for the more16:18level-headed investors who actually did16:20their research16:21and made the project relevant in the16:23first place16:25there is one last very important thing i16:27need to cover16:28and that’s the difference between icos16:30ieos16:32and idex offerings although all three16:35are fundamentally a means of selling a16:37cut of a cryptocurrency’s initial supply16:39they all have different implications on16:42price action16:43in my book an ico occurs when tokens are16:46directly transferred from the crypto16:48project16:48to investors who participated in the16:50sale16:51sometimes this happens on the same day16:53but usually this takes place sometime16:55after the ico has ended16:57the problem is the tokens issued in this16:59manner do not usually list on any17:01reputable exchanges right away as such17:04a lot of the initial price action can be17:06nothing more than market manipulation17:09if the token issued during the ico was17:11an erc20 token17:12it will often end up on uniswap this is17:15good17:16but far from ideal as it puts these17:18tokens out of reach of average traders17:20who use centralized exchanges17:22if the bull market continues in the17:24direction it’s going and retail17:26investors come rushing in17:27they won’t be going to uni swap to buy17:29that token and that’s17:30bad news for you on the flip side17:33not being immediately listed on any17:35reputable exchanges means a token can17:37stand to benefit17:38if and when those listing announcements17:40do come out17:42announcements that a token will list on17:43binance or coinbase are probably the17:46best opportunities to sell the top17:48when the hype comes in and buy the dip17:50when the price dies down17:51shortly after listing tokens issued17:54during ieos do not have this benefit but17:57are instead17:58blessed with the perk of being17:59immediately available to inexperienced18:01and irrational retail investors who will18:04push the token to the moon if it starts18:06to gain momentum18:08the issue is that ieos tend to sell out18:10quickly18:11tend to have a lot more requirements18:12than icos for investors18:14and volatility also tends to be18:16incredibly high in the first few days or18:19even weeks after the ieo ends18:22finally we have idexx offerings which is18:24when you use a decentralized exchange18:26to buy newly issued tokens idex18:29offerings18:30have no requirements since anyone with18:32an internet connection can use a dex18:34not surprisingly many idex offerings18:37have ended up being scams referred to as18:40rug pulls which is when a crypto project18:42issuing the token18:43runs off with the if people invested and18:45leaves them with useless erc20 tokens18:49idex offerings also tend to be much more18:51expensive for investors due to the eth18:53gas fees that need to be paid to use the18:55decks18:56these gas fees can be incredibly high18:58and usually need to be18:59if you want your transaction to complete19:01fast enough when the ethereum network is19:03congested with other investors19:05consequently the actual price you pay19:07per token ends up being much higher than19:09the initial price noted by the crypto19:11project19:12and it’s therefore common for the price19:14of the tokens you bought19:15to crash significantly in the hours and19:17days that follow19:18this can actually lead to a total19:20collapse of the price if there are too19:22many19:22weak hands keep those things in mind19:25when investing in19:26icos ieos and idex offerings19:31and there you have it your very own19:33step-by-step guide on how to pick the19:35next hottest cryptocurrency19:37before it even hits the market if you’re19:39lucky you’ll stumble upon crypto that19:41came into being through a fair launch19:43like bitcoin19:44realistically though you’re going to19:45spend a lot of your time separating the19:47good pre-mined cryptos19:48from the bad pre-mined cryptos using an19:51ico tracking site like ico drops19:53is a good place to scout out current and19:56future icos19:57these sites tend to provide short and19:59concise definitions of what the project20:01is all about20:02and let you know whether or not you’re20:04eligible to participate20:06they’ll also tell you whether the tokens20:08being sold are native tokens on a new20:10cryptocurrency blockchain20:12or erc20s that are sometimes backed by20:14nothing more than promises20:16figuring out whether a crypto project20:18will keep its promises partially20:20depends on who’s backing it seed money20:22from reputable venture capital firms20:24and tangible partnership with big names20:26inside and20:27outside of the crypto space are signs20:29that you’re dealing with a promising20:31project20:32but it also means that you aren’t going20:34to be the only investor with their hand20:36in the honeypot20:38token allocations tend to skew towards a20:40project’s founders20:41team investors and various other20:43purposes20:44leaving a small piece of the pie for20:46those who actually participate20:48in the ico whether or not this is a bad20:50thing depends on if there is a lock-up20:52period or vesting schedule for all those20:54non-ico tokens20:56this can be easily checked using images20:58provided by ico drops along with the21:01cryptocurrency project’s blog21:02and documentation this documentation can21:05also be used to answer any questions21:07relating to inflation21:08deflation supply caps and other21:11tokenomic factors that could influence21:12the price of the token in the future21:15once you’ve confirmed an ico meets your21:17standards on these various metrics21:19estimating the demand for that ico by21:21checking social media activity and any21:23star power21:24will give you the final confirmation on21:27whether or not it’s worth investing in21:29and finally be aware of the different21:31price trends typically experienced by21:33tokens sold21:34in icos ieos and idex offerings21:38while these are generally more important21:39in the short term their effects can be21:41enough21:42to make or break a crypto project during21:45this bull run21:46that’s it folks if you found this21:48information helpful21:50then let me know by smashing that like21:52button21:53if you want more content like this good21:55for you subscribe to the bureau if you21:57haven’t already and21:58ping that notification bell to make sure22:01you don’t miss out22:02if you like my t-shirt i know you do i22:05can tell22:06then you can buy one at the coin bureau22:08merch store22:09if you like memes and want to see what i22:11get up to behind the scenes22:13why not follow me on instagram and if22:16you like getting in-depth updates about22:18the cryptocurrency market22:19become a coin bureau insider by joining22:22my telegram channel22:24and if you’re a cryptocurrency addict22:27subscribe to my weekly newsletter22:29to get some of the highest quality22:31cryptocrack22:32links to all of those are in the22:34description22:36that’s all for today my friends thank22:38you for watching and22:40i’ll see you further on down the22:46[Music]22:51blockchain English (auto-generated)