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Ultimate Guide For Finding 100X Altcoins

Use This Guide To Protect Your Altcoin Investments

Cracking Crypto has put together this very complete Ultimate Guide For Finding 100x Altcoins. Go down to description to find the time line and list of tools and sites to use.

Ultimate Guide For Finding 100X Altcoins
Find 100x Altcoins
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Learn How To Find 100x Altcoins before they explode! In this ultimate guide to getting in early, learn the strategies I use to identify and successfully invest in low marketcap altcoin gems before they explode. In this video is on How To Find 100x Altcoins, you’ll learn how to identify whether the project is viable or not, if it’s a rug pull, what platforms to use, how to deal with slippage, how to evaluate a team, what to watch for in their Telegram/Discord, how to verify the devs, how to evaluate the contract on etherscan or other block explorers, and much more! If you’re trying to invest in cryptocurrency like a true degen, this video is for you! Learn ‘The Five Mistakes Holding You Back From Profitable Trading’ – New Guide Completely Free! https://fivemistakes.crackingcryptocu… LINKS TO EVERYTHING DISCUSSED TODAY: DEXSCREENER – (Chart, Analyze, and find new tokens) ETHERSCAN – (View Smart Contract Details) New ETH Listings (Telegram) – New FTM Listings (Telegram) – New AVAX Listings (Telegram) – Unicrypt – (View Locked Liquidity) Team Finance – (View Locked Liquidity) – (Determine if a token is a honeypot) Token Sniffer – (Analyze a coin for legitimacy) DiscoBot –   / discobot3   (New Coin Listings + Filter) DextCop –   / dextcop   (New Scam Listings on Uniswap) Trading Signals, Online Trading Courses, Mentoring Program, Indicators – Join our Trading & Investment Group! – https://premium.crackingcryptocurrenc… Earn $4,400 in bonuses on ByBit! – Time Stamps: 0:00 Introduction 01:57 Sniping Early 04:03 Contract Analysis 10:25 Holders & Distribution 13:15 Avoid This Common Scam 15:09 Automated Security Tests 18:21 Summary 19:43 Join Our Community Disclaimer Cracking Cryptocurrency is a publisher that does not act nor pose as qualified financial advisers for any individual or group. The information provided by Cracking Cryptocurrency is for educational purposes only. Cracking Cryptocurrency does not make any guarantee or other promise as to any results that may be obtained from using our content. Content contained on or made available through the Discord server, YouTube or Twitch platforms, Website, or other venue is not intended to and does not constitute legal advice or investment advice and no attorney-client relationship is formed. We are not responsible for your investment and trading decisions. All music, intro, outro, background, is brought to you by #crypto #bitcoin #altcoins

Ultimate Guide For Finding 100X Altcoins


Top 3 Altcoins with 100X For January 2022


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