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Important Altcoin Trends In 2021 and 2022

Important Altcoin Trends In 2021 and 2022

One thing is for certain token sales are making big returns for investors

Token sales and Ethereum scaling solutions are interesting fields to find altcoins with a 100x potential.

While many investors are piling on to popular DeFi tokens that have blown up, Davis believes that there’s more value in the smaller undiscovered coins

Important Altcoin Trends In 2021 and 2022

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 The big money altcoin trends to watch in 2021, buy these for big gains! 🤑  ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰ 0:00 Today In Gainsville 1:37 The Next Big Thing 2:18 Defi… But… 4:36 Polka Hype 6:02 Scaling Ethereum 7:05 Biggest Gains 8:33 Umbrella 10:06 Dao Ventures  Watch more awesome crypto news here… Subscribe for more!… SOCIAL MEDIA TWITTER LIBRARY BACKGROUND ART BY Josie Bellini CONTACT E-mail with business or event inquiries. DISCLAIMER Everything expressed here is my opinion and not official investment advice – please do your own research before risking your own money. Lark Davis (The Crypto Lark) is not providing you individually tailored investment advice. Nor is The Crypto Lark registered to provide investment advice, is not a financial adviser, and is not a broker-dealer. The material provided is for educational purposes only. The Crypto Lark is not responsible for any gains or losses that result from your cryptocurrency investments. Investing in cryptocurrency involves a high degree of risk and should be considered only by persons who can afford to sustain a loss of their entire investment. Investors should consult their financial adviser before investing in cryptocurrency. This video may contain copyrighted material the use of which is not always specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available for research or academic purposes. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this video is distributed without profit, for research and educational purposes.********************************************************************************************

Important Altcoin Trends In 2021 and 2022

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00:00finding the next big thing this is a key00:03to making big gains as00:04an investor now you can try chasing the00:07same multi-billion dollar market cap00:09coins that everyone else is trying to00:10crowd into00:12right you can do that or get your nose00:14down to the ground try and find the next00:17big thing00:18before it becomes the next big thing00:21before the wider market actually wakes00:22up00:23wow this coin’s great i need to buy it00:24now that it’s over a00:26three or four or five billion dollar00:27market cap that’s what usually happens00:30in this video i’m going to cover off00:31some of the key areas00:33to be watching as an investor as well as00:35some of the coins00:36in those niches to be watching for00:38potential00:39big gains my name’s lark and every day i00:42make videos to help you00:44make money in crypto so if that is what00:47you want to do00:48subscribe to the channel hit the bell00:50smash thumbs up button and catch all of00:52my videos by the way every week00:55my team and i produce wealth mastery it00:58is the top investor report in the01:00cryptocurrency market01:01now every single issue contains a01:03trending coin analysis01:05we do a step-by-step defy tutorial we do01:08a deep dive01:08altcoin report we have an interview with01:11an industry leader01:12we look at some of the latest hottest01:13token sales we do01:15in depth technical analysis and much01:19much more it’s just scratching the01:20surface all of that for less than 1001:23bucks a week meaning that wealth mastery01:25is the most value-packed and most01:27affordable investor report01:28on the market so there’s a link down01:30below in the description01:31click on that you can learn more about01:33wealth mastery and become a member today01:35and not miss out on another issue01:37okay so let’s talk01:41about what the next big thing in crypto01:44is going01:45to be because while many investors are01:49chasing you know the big d5 protocols01:52the ones that already have done a two or01:55three hundred01:56x the ones that have market caps of01:58three four five01:59six seven eight nine billion dollars02:00whatever it might be or block chains02:03worth02:03billions of dollars look i buy some of02:05those too right i diverse my people into02:07that stuff or you know people buying02:08dogecoin whatever it might be02:10the real gains for investors are going02:12to come from finding and riding02:14the next big waves before the wider02:18market02:18wakes up to the reality of these hot new02:21coins02:22now the first big area to watch defy02:25on other chains obviously define02:28ethereum02:28still a big thing lots of great players02:30like ramp d5 that are based on ethereum02:32they’re going to do really really big02:33stuff but02:35right now d5 is struggling on ethereum02:38the average user you know you have to02:40pay so much in gas fees unless you’re02:42playing with like tens of thousands of02:43dollars that 50002:44or more in gas fees to get in and out of02:46like a liquidity pool02:48or a yield farm is crazy even uni swap02:52is ridiculous these days the average02:54fees over the last week have been like02:5630 to 50 dollars for a simple swap and02:58look let’s keep it real03:00if you need to pay those fees then you03:01need to pay those fees because some of03:03the best03:04earliest coins are on uni swap right if03:07you want to get like the really hot new03:08stuff you got to go over there you got03:09to just make that deal and03:11pay those fees because uni swap is the03:13king03:14when it comes to offering access to03:16early stage projects no03:17other d5 protocol comes close to what03:19uni swap is doing right now with that03:21the returns can far outweigh the gas03:24fees but03:25the high fees are creating a big03:27opportunity for defy03:29on other chains right now for example03:32cosmos03:33sdk-based d5 is probably one of the most03:36underrated things happening right now03:38in crypto we have things like kava and03:41hard protocol03:42and injective protocol and some of my03:44favorites uh we built03:46cosmos sdk uh we have binance binance03:49the smart chain03:50right they have pancake swap and they03:51have venus and all this stuff is making03:54really big moves recently03:55and we have an increasing number of03:58projects like linear finance too they’re04:00actually porting over to get into you04:01know binance smart chains so04:03they’re out there chasing these smaller04:06fees now you can use all those d504:08protocols that i just mentioned04:10you can pay a fraction of the fees that04:12you’ll end up paying on ethereum04:14so you can be paying you know pennies to04:16get in and out of a yield farm instead04:17of04:1850 or 100 now they may lack the depth of04:21options and the liquidity that ethereum04:23based d5 does04:24but they’re growing at a good rate04:26they’re constantly improving and from an04:27investor’s standpoint there’s a lot of04:29potential there04:30for getting involved early in these04:31projects now if we look at some of the04:34d5 coming to their chains like cardano04:36and elrond and polkadot04:37lots of opportunity again i’m04:39particularly excited about d504:41coming to polka dot think about this04:44there is not a single polka dot d504:48protocol in the top 100 right now04:51the highest market cap at this point for04:53polka dot d5 coins like 120 million04:56dollars04:56something for pokestarter the highest04:59market cap defy coin05:01on ethereum it’s around 6 billion05:04dollars meaning05:05that if any of these new d5 protocols05:07coming to polka dot can reach05:09similar levels in the future it’s a 60×05:12gain05:12for the most expensive current polka dot05:15based05:16d5 protocol what do you think’s more05:18likely05:19getting a 60x out of a coin with a05:21market cap05:22you know at six billion dollars you know05:26and seeing it going to 360 billion05:28dollars or getting a coin05:29under 120 120 million dollars or less05:32and seeing that do a 60×05:34right a lot more potential those low05:36market cap coins05:38one that i really like on polka dot05:39right now reef05:41finance i think it’s going to be huge05:43absolutely interesting d5 player so05:44definitely worth checking out05:46now when para chains on polka dot go05:48live05:49things are going to get really exciting05:51really quickly for all polka dot based05:53d5 stuff until that happens05:55people aren’t paying enough attention to05:56them so there’s opportunity there for05:58you05:59now one other thing that i’m watching06:01layer 2 scaling for ethereum06:04and actually the the stuff being built06:06at layer two very interesting06:08matic i think by far and away06:11is the leader here when it comes to06:13layer two scaling stuff they have an06:14actual06:15working product and ecosystem which is06:18being used by lots of people06:20it’s getting noticed by some of the very06:21big players too for example they’ve06:23signed a collaboration deal with06:25injective protocol so that’s really cool06:27to see06:27right that’s great to see those two guys06:29collaborate together they also have06:31their own native06:32applications and decentralized exchanges06:35things like quick swap06:36on the lending market easy fi so there’s06:38a lot of stuff going on over thematic06:40chain06:40i think we’re gonna see a lot of growth06:42for the matic ecosystem as a useful06:44layer to scaling solution for ethereum06:47based06:48d5 they’re even working with big players06:51like maker dow and usdc06:53to bring their stable coins into the06:54matic ecosystem to allow for payments06:57and defy06:58matic and the solutions built on it06:59could be a good area07:01to watch so something to keep out an eye07:03out for those layer two solutions of07:05course the final area for massive gains07:07token sales token sales tokens and i07:09keep going on about it07:10but it’s freaking true man the number of07:12people actually participating in token07:14stills07:15still relatively low now this week in07:17wealth mastery i’m covering my top07:19tips for how to actually be able to get07:21in to token sales07:23but one thing is for certain token sales07:25are making big07:26returns for investors just07:30this year just in 2021 there have07:32probably been a dozen token sales that07:35did a07:3550x or more that happened that’s insane07:39a couple even done 100×07:41there’s been a few dozen that did like07:4220x or more07:44most of the markets are kind of you know07:47most people in the market07:48they’re not really getting involved in07:49these they’re kind of sleeping on these07:51they get in07:51much after the sale they’re afraid to07:53get in during the sales whatever it is07:54so maybe they cannot afford07:56to get the required amount of tokens on07:58some launch pad platforms like08:00you know paid ignition launch pad or08:03pokestarters launchpad08:05you can always of course just pick these08:06coins up when they list on uni swap too08:08and i know the gas fees are crazy08:10but you know you pay 40 bucks in gas08:12fees and you make a 10×08:14and you know you have a thousand dollars08:16invested well by my calculations you08:18made a ton of money right you could08:19have done that with paid network right08:21we were talking about that here early on08:22the channel you could have bought it for08:23like 30 cents08:24worth like over four bucks right now you08:25just had to get in early get on you swap08:27pay those fees08:29here are a few token sales that i’m08:31watching right now08:32the first is the umbrella network now08:35this is a community focused oracle08:37provider which is expanding the total08:39amount of assets08:40tracked in d5 you know they have all the08:42core stuff like08:44bitcoin and ethereum but they also have08:46some of the high market cap but08:47generally underrepresented coins uh08:49things like matic08:50for example they also have crypto08:52indexes crypto options08:54all these different markets that they’re08:55providing for which is you know08:57definitely an interesting point of08:58difference08:59and one of the things that really stands09:00out to me with umbrella is in a seeming09:03you know sea of oracles is that umbrella09:05is actually going to be09:06running at layer 2 so it’s a layer 209:09oracle solution meaning that they can09:12provide data that other oracles09:14simply can’t or for prices that other09:17oracles simply can’t compete09:18with which makes it very very09:20interesting we don’t see this concept09:22coming out so you know a layer to oracle09:24that catches my attention they already09:26have a cool list of partners as well09:27linear finance uni lend09:29hedge it and of course it’s going to be09:31a pokestarter ido09:33meaning it should be pretty high hype09:35right things that come on pokestarter09:37tend to do rather well now we actually09:39mentioned umbrella last week in wealth09:41mastery so hopefully some of you guys09:43managed to get in on the white list09:45now that white list has been closed at09:46the moment but if you did miss the white09:48list09:49umbrella should be listing on uni swap09:51likely in the next09:52few days so again watch out for it09:55watch out for the early listing that09:57could be a big opportunity to get in09:59early on these projects before they end10:01up you know moving on to higher prices10:03like what happened with paid network10:05by the way the white list for dao10:07ventures which we covered here on the10:08channel last week10:10and also in the newsletter last week is10:13now10:13open so dao ventures is a defy10:16robo advisor and automated money manager10:19it’s going to run on polka dot and on10:20ethereum and yes10:21it’s token sale is going to be happening10:24on pokestart we’re not going to do any10:25details on it here i covered a little10:26more last week but10:27go check out the website uh but the10:29reason i’m talking about today the10:30whitelist10:31it’s open it’s only open for another 2410:33hours so10:34if you want to get involved in that10:36token sale don’t mess around10:38go over to their social media go to10:40their website figure out how to get10:41involved10:42and you know actually take action on10:44that right anyway10:46those are just my two satoshi’s guys10:48what do you think is going to be the10:49next10:50big thing that investors should be10:52watching for big gains is it some of the10:53things i mentioned here is it you know10:55layer 2 scaling solutions10:56is it defy on other chains is it the10:59token sales11:00maybe you’re watching something else11:01maybe it’s insurance maybe it’s nfts i’m11:03bullish on those things too right those11:04are also very interesting areas11:05anyway love to hear from you let me know11:07down below in the comment section11:09thanks so much for watching today’s11:10video and peace out till next time11:14[Music]11:32