3 Small Cap Altcoins With 1000X Potential

3 Small Cap Altcoins With 1000X Potential

3 Small Cap Altcoins With 1000X Potential

hidden gems out there in the world of crypto just waiting to be found

Tom breaks down the team’s research to show you what these 3 altcoins bring to the table

3 Small Cap Altcoins With 1000X Potential

Top 3 1000X Altcoins (SUPER Low Cap Gems)

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 There are hidden gems out there in the world of crypto just waiting to be found. Today Tom has 3 altcoins to 1000x to show you. Tom breaks down the team’s research to show you what these 3 altcoins bring to the table. He’ll explain what they set out to do and why they are candidates for mass crypto adoption. Find out EXACTLY where each of these new altcoins with potential could be going in the very near future. What We Discuss: 0:00 Intro 0:47 AIOZ Network 3:54 DAFI Protocol 7:34 Atari Token*******************************************************************************

3 Small Cap Altcoins With 1000X Potential

3 Small Cap Altcoins With 1000X Potential


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00:00a thousand x old coins hey everyone00:02welcome back to another video from00:04crypto busy my name is tom in today’s00:06video i’m gonna go through three old00:08coins that have the potential to a00:10thousand x so stay tuned and definitely00:12watch the very end and so that being00:14said let’s rotate into the video now00:16before we jump in huge huge disclaimer00:19first of all i’m not a financial advisor00:21this is not financial advice and00:22secondly there’s no guarantee that these00:24coins will exactly a thousand x but they00:27have great potential and they have great00:29teams and great white papers and these00:31old coins are going into industries that00:33are fast growing and also have the00:34potential for mass adoption so if you00:37want to see more videos like this and00:38again much much more be sure to00:40subscribe to crypto busy today we’re on00:42the road to 200 000 subscribers and once00:45we get there we will be doing a giveaway00:46so let’s jump straight into the first00:48pick for today’s video and that is a i o00:51zed now aio zed is an old coin that is00:54involved in the streaming service the00:56video streaming sector and this is a00:58huge and fast growing industry and it is01:01you know increasing revenue every single01:03year and especially with the year that01:05we have just had and you know with the01:07year they’re coming out of everything is01:08now put online you know we do streaming01:10on youtube on twitch on facebook lots of01:12people stream and again you need to have01:15the network capabilities for that to01:17happen to facilitate that and so with01:19the ais network and it’s economics it’s01:21currently trading at 30 cents it’s had01:24an all-time high of around sort of two01:25dollars at the moment i think it can01:26surpass that um a market cap of around01:2833 million dollars and a fully diluted01:30market cap of 303 that means once all of01:33the tokens are on the market then it has01:35that market cap but right now the one to01:36concentrate on is 33 million and that’s01:38the overall market cap for aio zed and01:41that is again in today’s world with the01:43world of cryptocurrency a very low cap01:46gem in my opinion um if we go down into01:48much further detail what’s happening01:49we’ll go into the um the team also the01:51white paper the roadmap lots of other01:52cool stuff as well aio zed is01:54distributed and also on cnd built on our01:57very own blockchain that’s really01:58important um the users can share02:00redundant memory storage and bandwidth02:02resources to create um vastly capable02:04and powering streaming platforms02:06anywhere in the world02:07so they aim to change the world for02:10streaming which is really really cool02:11and so02:12you know with its token uh with this02:14blockchain as well um it’s able to do02:16this and if we go into the white paper02:18uh much for the detail into this one02:19thing that really pops out for me was02:21the proof of transcoding which is here02:23um again i’ll leave this all linked down02:24in the description below so you can chat02:26up yourselves in much for the detail the02:28proof of storage that’s also really02:30important especially when it comes to02:31streaming and the proof of delivery02:33another huge important thing when it02:35comes to streaming especially if you’re02:36streaming in you know 4k something big02:38like that so that is the first pick i02:40mean it’s a really cool project and02:42you’re looking into the roadmap for this02:44we’re currently in q3 of this year uh02:47file storage distribution optimization02:49ends node smart contracting or smart02:51caching and an ai smart routing delivery02:54much more stuff to come for later this02:56year so q4 of this year and they have02:58the main net version one coming out and03:00q1 of next year again tying that into03:02the crypto market as well which is03:04looking very cool um the network mainnet03:07version two that’ll be coming out next03:09year and we also smart contract involved03:11and the airsaid um fungible token um for03:14the rc20 that’s also coming in q2 202203:17so really cool stuff looking into the03:19team also the team’s a very you know03:21well diverse team in terms of its uh03:23knowledge and also experience so03:25there’s a lot of cool stuff um behind03:27this team and they have good03:28partnerships especially with nvidia uh03:30and if you don’t know nvidia uh they’re03:32a big manufacturer of chips and also03:34boards um for computers and many other03:36things like that and they are very high03:38powered they’re very sought after03:39especially right now um because there’s03:41a bit of a shortage when it comes to03:42graphic cards and everything like that03:44um and you can mine uh you know bitcoin03:47or ethereum with uh graphics card nvidia03:49so they’re involved in the right area03:50they’re involved in the right sector so03:52that’s the first one a i o z the second03:54one is daffy protocol um so this is a03:57project that is currently ranked at 80004:00so again very low cap gems in my opinion04:02um so in the market cap around sort of04:0318 million dollars currently trading at04:06five cents and um you know again has a04:08lot of good potential here so going into04:10further detail into what daphne does and04:12what it’s able to do it introduces the04:14first alternative since satoshi now04:16there’s gonna be a lot of other04:17competitors out there and that’s another04:19thing as well when it comes to the04:20cryptocurrency markets you know right04:22now there’s about 11 00004:23cryptocurrencies on the market not all04:25of them will survive and that’s what we04:26do at crypto busy we look into you know04:28finding out the gems which ones are04:29really going to be surviving well04:31looking at the team the white paper the04:32road map and can they deliver and these04:34are the things that we look at um so to04:36use the network rewards for building a04:37decentralized economy instead of04:39directly issuing tokens to staking and04:41liquidity daffy ties and tactics to04:43networks adoption so i think it’s04:45involved in um04:47really cool things i’m trying to go into04:48much further detail here um i believe it04:50is involved in polka dots don’t hold me04:52to that um but it is involved in some04:54really cool stuff here so adafi is state04:57is to create a synthetic token and also04:59it is tied for the adoption of the05:01network uh creates the first transition05:03for simple token rewards and demand tied05:05rewards and incentivizing user base for05:06liquidity and staking and that’s a05:08really big thing so you know05:10regardless of whatever you know platform05:12it is on whether it is erc20 whether it05:14is involved in the polka dot ecosystem05:16regardless of all of that a huge thing05:18right now is liquidity and finding that05:21for that as well so it’s reinventing um05:23every network and so the really cool05:25things that they have super stakes so05:26rewards are paid to a network adoption05:28and social factors to create equilibrium05:30between supply and also demands again05:32another huge disparity uh in today’s05:35cryptocurrency05:37world especially right now multiverse in05:38terms of protocol and applications and05:41they can reduce inflation while finally05:42supporting long-term users and growth05:44again another big thing when it comes to05:46further adoption of a cryptocurrency or05:49further people using it and05:51putting a lot of transactions onto its05:52blockchain you can get bloating and um05:55you know you want to get inflation in05:56terms of its floating or you know in05:58prices as well you know it’s also really05:59important there so networks 2.0 um you06:02know06:03essentially reinventing and staking06:05liquidity and social models you see a06:07lot of good stuff that’s out there06:08especially when it comes to staking06:09we’re big fans of staking when it comes06:10to creative busy but it’s a lot of cool06:12stuff again all of the information i’ll06:14leave links down in the description06:15below so you can check out ourselves in06:16much further detail super seeking stuff06:18is really important super cool and it’s06:20all powered by daffy again that’s also06:23important there looking at the road map06:25this is also really important so the06:26high liquidity that’s also been brought06:28out06:29fast and cheap transactions that’s going06:31to be happening later on this year again06:33another big thing that is a huge issue06:36in the cryptocurrency world especially06:37right now when it comes to ethereum06:38bitcoin you know right now especially06:40with the theorem you know eip 1559 as06:43much as was a good thing it hasn’t06:44actually fully reduced the network fees06:46uh all the gas fees but it’s made them06:48more predictable but that still means06:50they’re going to be quite high and so06:51that’s always another problem that’s out06:52there uh in today’s world and further06:54things to that as well um you know06:56decentralized running on tokens06:58predictions and also social staking06:59really cool stuff and also they have the07:01daffy team again you can look up them07:03they’re very transparent they have all07:04their linkedins linked on their website07:07so again i’ll leave the all links down07:08in the description below and that is07:09also daffy so right now you know looking07:11at it for price predictions it’s07:13currently trading at five cents and i07:15think it’s had an all-time high of07:16something much higher than this i mean07:17it’s had something of 20 cents before07:19maybe even higher than that in my07:20opinion um but um07:22you know where it is right now i do07:24think it can go to a dollar potentially07:25even higher than that um you know07:27especially right now i mean there’s a07:28lot of cool stuff that’s happening for07:29daffy and you hear a lot of other people07:30talking about daffy as well so this is a07:32project has got great potential now the07:34last week for today’s video is atari and07:37that is uh in the clues in the name it’s07:39actually um a subsidiary of atari the uh07:41the games console or the gaming company07:43which is also really cool and so it’s a07:45decentralized cryptocurrency based on07:46the ethereum blockchain it was designed07:48by atari chain limited a subsidiary of07:50the video game and consumer electronics07:52again atari interactive07:54specifically for the needs of the07:55interactive and entertainment industry07:57so again another really cool project08:00that’s out there at the moment um so the08:02founders again you look into you know08:03very transparent in what they do08:05and many other things so going into08:07their website um there’s so much more08:09than video games that’s out there you08:10know you’ve got you know streaming of08:12the video games which comes with the ios08:13edge you’ve got the liquidity there or08:15also many other things with daffy and08:16then the gaming industry again a huge08:19huge industry that is fast growing and08:22is also you know going to grow and grow08:24every single year um you know year in08:25year out the gaming industry is a multi08:28multi billion dollar a year industry and08:30so the fact that you have a08:31cryptocurrency that is also based in the08:33gaming industry and is also trying to08:35you know change what it’s all about08:38again that is also really cool the white08:40paper again is easy accessible um again08:42you look into liquidity easy integration08:44a smart contract security many other08:46cool stuff as well they’re in the news08:48getting out there really trying to get08:49the name out there and also their08:50partners which again you can get in08:52touch with them as well um so again with08:54their team they’re all very transparent08:56with that as well and you can go into08:57much further detail so that is the08:59conclusion for today’s video atari daffy09:02and also aio zed these coins have the09:04potential to a thousand x in my opinion09:07do comment down below whether you’re09:08interested in these or whether you’re09:09not um09:11all comments are welcome on here at09:12great too busy i’ll be very interested09:14to hear what you guys have to say and09:16i’ll be responding to some comments down09:17below as well but these are projects09:19that we do we do a lot of hard work09:20behind the scenes accurate to busy and09:22you want to make sure that we i provide09:24you guys the best content available and09:25you know there’s a lot of coins out09:27there and there’s like you know sort of09:2811 000 at the moment not all of them09:30will survive and so09:32we do a lot of hard work behind the09:33scenes of crypto busy to sift through09:36all of the noise and look into the09:37projects look into the team look into09:39the white paper the road map and also09:41the technology that’s behind it and also09:43the industry looking into where it can09:45be adopted into and potential mass09:48adoption and so that’s what we like to09:50do i created busy so we make these09:52videos and you know if you like them09:53then yeah you like them and09:55we do get great interaction from these09:57so you know we love the interaction from09:58you guys and we’re very much09:59appreciative of that as well so again10:02thank you very much so on the road to10:03200 000 subscribers we will get there we10:05will be doing a giveaway we’ll do great10:08celebrations when we get there as well10:09um so you know all of this is possible10:11thanks to you guys at the end of the day10:13so that’s it for me in today’s video and10:15i’ll see you guys in the next one bye10:17for now10:18[Music]10:31[Music]10:38you English (auto-generated)