Free Crypto Using Airdrops 2022

Free Crypto Using Airdrops 2022

Free Crypto Using Airdrops 2022

Great Way To Pick Up Free Crypto At No Cost

James of MoneyZG gives a great – facts only – presentation as he always does. James is worth following and we do

Free Crypto Using Airdrops 2022

Crypto Airdrops 2022: The SECRET to FREE Crypto

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Free Crypto Using Airdrops 2022

Free Crypto Using Airdrops 2022


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 00:00air drops are really sweet because00:01they’re basically free crypto that is00:03given into your wallet and most of the00:05time you have to do very little to00:06actually get them apart from using the00:09blockchain any way which you probably00:10want to do so in this video really i’m00:12going to show you how to find the best00:14potential airdrops and then how to get00:16involved to potentially get some free00:18crypto in your account just for00:20participating in the community or using00:23the application anyway so just like most00:25things in crypto though there’s great00:27rewards and also plenty of scams so you00:29need to make sure that you don’t get00:30scammed and link your wallet up to some00:33website that’s gonna just drain all of00:34your funds so i’ll go through that later00:36on in the video as well let’s get into00:38it firstly this uh video is sponsored by00:41my own crypto course if you do want to00:44check it out there’s a hundred videos00:46all about crypto from a to z investing00:48and day trading crypto plus all the00:50different uh types of things that you00:52would need to know in terms of doing00:54your own research and getting into00:55crypto we have private discord groups as00:57well new content is added regularly over01:01time for free for existing users check01:03it out if you want01:04what is a crypto airdrop though so01:06essentially this is just when a project01:08or a platform or community01:10gives you free tokens for doing01:12something else right so uh binance have01:14it as the distribution of crypto either01:16by virtue of holding a certain other01:18token or by being an active wallet01:21address what this means is essentially01:23let’s say you have a wallet and you have01:24some ethereum in there01:26another token may say that they will01:28give some free tokens out to every01:30ethereum holder01:32just as a promotional tool to say hey01:34we’re here and you might want to check01:36us out it’s free money get some hype01:38around the project and gets people01:40knowing what the project is which is01:42worth millions businesses will pay01:44millions01:45tens of millions for marketing or they01:47can do it via an airdrop as well01:49and we can benefit the other way is by01:52using or having an active wallet address01:54which is basically like using the01:56blockchain itself so if you have a01:58wallet like trust wallet meta mask other02:01blockchain wallets and you use02:03applications then you will be in with a02:06chance if there are any air drops so02:08coming over to02:09kind of different uh types of airdrop02:12there are different names for them but02:13they’re really all the same it’s just02:14essentially giving you free crypto for02:16doing something so a standard airdrop02:18just the transfer of a native coin or02:20token so this is a marketing strategy02:22saying everyone who has a wallet uh02:25before this date will get airdropped02:27some tokens for participating early on a02:29bounty airdrop is when you engage in a02:31promotional activity so if the02:33application says sign up for an account02:36or do something specifically you will in02:39turn get some uh some free crypto or02:41maybe a free nft or something like that02:44um a hoddler airdrop is02:46when um essentially one cryptocurrency02:49is given to uh holders of another crypto02:51like i said so if you have ethereum02:53maybe some meme coin is gonna say hey um02:56you know we’ll give every ethereum02:58holder you know five of our meme coin or03:00anything like that you have to be03:01careful about that obviously because a03:03lot of scams with meme coins and03:04everything so be really careful um the03:07other way is um yeah what like what03:10happened recently with sos token um03:12essentially they said everyone that used03:14openc can get sos dao tokens they’re not03:18linked in any way but sos obviously03:20wanted to get a lot of marketing and03:22hype and basically they said everyone03:24that used openc completely unrelated03:26platform can sign up and get these free03:28tokens why would anyone do that gets a03:31lot of hype gets a lot of interest um in03:33the project and also it actually pushes03:35up the price of the tokens potentially03:37as well because lots of people who03:39didn’t have the token or weren’t able to03:41get the airdrop actually want to get03:43involved as well and start bidding up03:45the price of the tokens so there’s a lot03:47of reasons why um03:49air drops would happen03:50these are just a few and essentially you03:53have to be involved in the blockchain or03:54a community to be able to get them so03:56apart from just using a blockchain and03:57just getting lucky using an application04:00early04:01we can actually see which projects may04:03not have tokens now and then potentially04:06use those blockchains and get involved04:08early to get potential airdrops how do04:10we do that there are some obviously04:12websites and accounts that you may want04:14to follow defy airdrops is a good one04:16it’s just absolutely wall-to-wall04:18potential airdrops a lot of these are04:20rumors and not04:22actually happening right now but our04:24potentials in the future so if you want04:26to get ahead of the game04:27you might want to you know follow this04:29account there are many others though you04:30can see04:31it’s basically water wall air drops so04:33what’s going on but also really04:35important is that they will04:38show if04:39an airdrop is you know safe to claim or04:41not so sos was a big one and you can see04:44yes gas is safe to claim and trade you04:46know they’re reporting this they’re04:48obviously looking at the smart contracts04:49and saying you know is it scam or not so04:51definitely uh interesting to get into04:54looking at all the different potential04:55airdrops you know they’ve actually04:57broken down the tokenomics of opendao04:59which was the sos token so if you really05:02do want some more information just to05:04get educated about this definitely d05:06fight air drops is one there are many05:07others though the next one is defy llama05:09so this is a website they also have a05:11twitter so you can go and follow them05:13but basically um this is kind of focused05:15on d5 but these are tokenless protocols05:17as you can see so these are absolutely05:20kind of key protocols that may have an05:23airdrop right so any protocol that is05:25quite big and being used um that doesn’t05:28have a token yet is obviously a prime05:29target to maybe have a token in the05:31future obviously they’ll want to raise05:33funds or or do whatever and maybe the05:35early community um obviously get some05:38air drops into their wallet the way that05:39you would obviously look at these you05:41know look at the amount of tvl on there05:43so obviously 1.3 billion tvl is a pretty05:46big protocol see the chain that it’s on05:48so you’ve got three in the top 10 that05:51are terra network so obviously you know05:53a lot of protocols looking to kind of05:55get involved there05:56you can go click through see what the05:58protocol is see if you might want to use06:00it obviously with these and d5 platforms06:02you’d probably have to use the actual06:04application itself to get potential air06:06drops so that means getting involved you06:08know lending out some crypto maybe going06:10through a swap or something like that06:12the next one is something like06:13airdrops.io06:15this is kind of a bit easier to look for06:17so this is just you know latest airdrops06:19and potential air drops there’s a lot of06:21very um smaller air drops on here but06:23definitely something to watch out for a06:25lot of these are actually promotional06:28materials as well so not technically an06:30air drop directly from a project but06:32there are different applications and06:34different platforms that that could be06:36um you know doing some bonuses for06:38signing up or something like that and06:40they’ll actually drop some tokens into06:41your wallet 99 airdrops is another one06:45same sort of theme06:46this again does focus a lot on giveaways06:48and things like that so just be careful06:50obviously make sure that they’re rated06:52pretty high and that they’re from um you06:54know a reputable source but you know if06:57you want avalanche tokens or something06:58like that trust wallet tokens you know07:00potentially here um to get involved and07:02do some things um the other option is07:05actually a lot of platforms um a lot of07:07trading platforms actually have tons of07:08airdrops so07:10what you’ll see is you know if you trade07:12a certain amount or if you deposit a07:14token they will actually give you some07:16more free tokens something like kucoin07:18they always do giveaways these aren’t07:21strictly airdrops and obviously this is07:23a centralized platform but you can see a07:25ton of different giveaways here um07:28you know avalanche was um supported if07:30you go to nexo there’s also tons of07:32giveaways and they they have like a07:34prize pool if you deposit some tokens on07:36there so not technically airdrops but a07:38way to get some free crypto into your07:40account uh another website that i found07:43is actually awesome so this is um ernie07:46fi or so you can look at this07:49website and what you can do is put your07:51wallet address in here and it will tell07:52you if you have any unclaimed airdrops07:55that should be claimed by that wallet07:56address so what you can do is put your07:59ethereum binance smart chain or other08:01evm address so um you can put you know08:04if you’ve got a metamask just put your08:06address in here and then it will show08:07you if you have unclaimed drops that you08:10should be claiming um so this is a free08:12service they do have a paid option as08:14well which gives you kind of more08:15options you can have a look at it but08:17essentially it will tell you if your08:18wallet08:19has any potential air drops that you08:21need to claim so that’s crypto air drops08:23but there’s obviously nft airdrops as08:25well these are actually becoming more08:27popular certainly if you sign up for08:28something you can get an nft but in the08:31nft world there’s tons of opportunities08:33right so if you do use a platform like08:35openc and you’re part of a community08:37what i would suggest is obviously going08:39to the community itself on twitter on08:41disc on discord08:43however they run their community it’s08:45probably going to be discord08:47so when you buy an nft that will often08:49come with tons of future potential08:52airdrops giveaways and other bonuses08:56so board 8 yacht club do this08:59and essentially what board a yacht club09:01are doing is launching a token and this09:03is uh for certain now the way that you09:05would get the token obviously get an09:07airdrop of the token is holding one of09:10these nfts now obviously this is a very09:12expensive example but obviously there09:14are tons of smaller communities out09:16there that will obviously launch tokens09:19nfts airdrop and fts board yacht club09:22have done is actually created mutant09:24apes so anyone that held an ape would09:28have an nft and then you could use that09:29nft to create a mutant ape or obviously09:32these air drops as well so that’s one09:34way but then the token is another way so09:36if you have an nft and it’s a big enough09:38community then actually you launch a09:40token as well that token could09:41potentially have a ton of value in the09:43future so obviously owning nfts has to09:46be in your wallet and then that wallet09:47can claim so this is definitely a huge09:50area for air drops but obviously you’re09:52going to have to spend some money first09:54and actually become part of the09:55community so a little bit different to d09:57fire which is probably on the cheaper09:59side so what the biggest potential air10:01drops in 2022 well there are still a ton10:03of extremely large projects that don’t10:06have a token and potentially could and10:08will some are nailed on some10:11may happen or may not happen the first10:13is open c open c got a lot of flack10:16recently because they’ve basically you10:18know been one of the biggest10:20applications on any blockchain and they10:22wanted to go through an ipo so that is10:24through the stock market obviously10:26everyone is not happy about that10:27considering that everyone has paid tons10:29in gas fees on the ethereum network10:31they’ve supported openc to become a huge10:33company and they kind of deserve and10:36expect some sort of airdrop so this is10:39one that could be happening the way that10:40you’ll get involved with this one is10:42obviously having to use open c so if10:44you’ve bought nfts on there if you have10:46traded or minted nfts obviously you can10:48have a much higher chance yes there was10:51the open dow10:53airdrop sos token absolutely nothing to10:56do with openc whatsoever that was just a10:58marketing exercise for that dow congrats11:00to them they they got a lot of hype but11:02nothing to do with openc the next one is11:05metamask metamask is obviously hotly11:07anticipated obviously one of the biggest11:09names in crypto pretty much everyone11:11that has self-custody of assets has a11:13has a meta mask in some respect if11:15you’ve used metamask if you’ve linked up11:18um11:19blockchains to it if you’ve used the11:21swap feature on metamask if you’ve paid11:23gas fees on ethereum etc you might be in11:26store for an account um obviously the11:29earlier that you’ve had that account the11:31more likely it is can in compare11:33comparison to the amount of transactions11:34that you’ve sent compared to everyone11:36else so definitely look out for these11:38the next one is starkware11:40a very early stage company on ethereum11:42uh that has scaling solutions a lot of11:44people are looking for a potential token11:47for this one no token right now there11:49isn’t much um in the pipeline in terms11:52of rumors for this one but it is11:53obviously a very big company and a lot11:55of people are using this technology on11:57ethereum and ethereum is just a classic11:59chain for air drops12:01to the same end zk-sync12:04definitely is coming out with a token if12:06you go to their twitter it says they12:07don’t have a token yet so obviously this12:10is implying that they will have a token12:12and12:14usually they will airdrop some tokens to12:17very early users of the blockchain again12:18with this one you have to use the12:20blockchain so you have to you know open12:22a wallet you can do that with metamask12:24just link it up this is a layer 212:26scaling solution for ethereum so link up12:28your metamask then you’ll have to use12:30the tools right so you can mint an nft12:33on the blockchain that is really easy12:35takes 5-10 minutes12:37you can use12:38the other options here and then you can12:40use some applications that are built on12:41zk sync for example zigzag exchange go12:44to zigzag exchange12:46use the12:47you use the exchange12:49trade some ether for some usdt or12:51something like that back and forth so12:52you get some transactions12:54and get a wallet you could potentially12:56get a big airdrop there12:58the other one is arbitram13:00also optimism as well but arbitram seems13:02to be the biggest one arbitram again is13:04an ethereum scaling solution no token13:07yet people don’t know if there is going13:08to be one um but obviously you know if13:11they have one then they may definitely13:14reward early users you can go to the13:16token bridge right here you’re gonna13:18have to use their services so you’ll13:20have to use the token bridge you’ll have13:21to bridge assets from ethereum over to13:23layer two um use it on other13:26applications so if you link up arbitrary13:29to uniswop you can use uniswap with13:31arbitrom you have to use the blockchain13:33and you could potentially get some free13:35airdropped arbitrary tokens if they ever13:37come one thing you have to watch out for13:38with airdrops is the amount of scams13:40right so if someone says that you should13:41send the money um and they’ll give you13:44some back that is obviously a scam13:45they’re never going to return that13:46crypto the other is phishing scams where13:49people can actually get you to link your13:51wallet up with a fake website get your13:53private key and then drain all of your13:55money so what i would suggest is if13:57you’re looking to get into marketing13:59airdrops that is sign up for an account14:02use this application and then get a14:03reward i would use a airdrop only wallet14:07so that is a separate wallet that you14:09use just for airdrops that has a little14:12bit of crypto in there to pay for gas14:13fees but not much more then if they14:15drain your wallet you haven’t lost a ton14:18of crypto obviously if you’re using good14:21services that will potentially air drop14:24in the future then that’s just a bonus14:26and you have to worry about it too much14:28but one huge way that uh they will get14:31your information is basically just14:33air-dropping a random crypto into your14:35account so you’ll get a notification14:37you’ll see this crypto in your account14:39you’re like oh wow i’ve actually got a14:40crypto with some some value in here then14:42what they’ll do is basically try and get14:44you onto a fake website and they will14:47get you to try and trade out of that14:49airdrop so swap using their decks but14:52what actually happens is that they just14:53drain all of the money um through a14:55smart contract out of your account so if14:58you have received and you can see this14:59on many different sites right so if15:01you’ve received um some random crypto in15:04your account and you think what is that15:06i’ve never used it you know don’t go15:08onto fake websites always check the15:11website itself make sure it’s the15:12official website and not a fake website15:14that has a similar url um15:18and also if you’ve got a free token it’s15:19obviously not going to be worth anything15:21anyway so what is the point especially15:23if they say that it’s worth like five15:24ten thousand dollars probably just a15:26complete scam so don’t go onto a fake15:28website and get money drained out of15:30your account because that can happen15:32crypto air drops are a good way to get15:34some free cash but you’re gonna have to15:35do something first either be part of a15:37community or use an application anyway15:39and that’s when the biggest and best air15:41drops come other than that it’s really15:42about bonuses for signing up or15:44depositing crypto somewhere so just be15:47careful that you’re using the right15:49site and trusted platforms overall if in15:52doubt go to twitter first check the15:54community check some of the15:56airdrop accounts that can kind of verify15:59this for you to see if it’s a scam or16:01not really just be careful with that16:03because it’s easy to lose crypto you16:05know nothing is for free most of the16:08bonuses that you’ll get will be good for16:09a little bit of crypto but the big ones16:12come with using the biggest applications16:14and just kind of waiting for them uh16:16also you know if you don’t know if you16:18do want to know about crypto from a to z16:20investing in crypto and trading crypto16:22as well do check out my crypto course16:24over 100 videos already adding more as16:27time goes on completely for free for16:28existing users price goes up when new16:31content is added and obviously free16:34discord groups for members as well that16:35you can come and join our community i’m16:37james with money eg cheers for watching16:39and i’ll see in the next one English (auto-generated)