NFTs Big Problem What Are They

Make Money With NFTs

Make Money With NFTs

Hassan Gives Fun Intro To NFTs

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This video is a good intro to NFTs and how to make money with them.

Make Money With NFTs

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Make Money With NFTs (Full NFT Guide)

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Make Money With NFTs

Make Money With NFTs


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00:00in this video what are nfts what are00:03these monkeys and crypto punks how to00:06create why and sell nfts and how you can00:09grow your online business with nfts00:13think about it as the ultimate nft00:15course for beginners stay tuned00:18so what is nft or non-fungible token00:22let’s make things simple here i have 30000:27if i now want to give you a 10000:30do you care if i give you this 100 or00:33this 100 or even this old 10000:36also i can send it through bank while00:38transfer you don’t care so there is00:41nothing unique about each paper here all00:44has the same value please focus very00:47well this is the first characteristic00:48the second characteristic this 10000:50dollars can be splitted into ports we00:54have 10 dollars 20 dollars we have fifty00:57dollars these are eighty dollars so we00:59can form a one hundred dollar with two01:03fifty dollars or one fifty combined with01:06two twenties and one ten and so on so a01:09one hundred dollar can be splitted and01:11there’s nothing unique about each paper01:14so these dollars are fungible so what is01:18non-fungible nft simply it is something01:22that you can’t split and it’s unique by01:26itself let’s give an example here’s one01:28of my nft collections let’s open this01:31painting if you now want to buy this01:34painting do you buy a copy of it or you01:38buy and you want the original painting01:41and you want to ensure that it’s from01:43the correct artist so you want to buy01:46this unique painting this unique token01:49you can’t buy a copy of it or something01:52similar you need this one exactly it’s01:54unique and you can’t split it obviously01:57so this is a non-fungible token the main02:00characteristics are02:02we can split and it’s unique there is02:05something unique in every token and the02:08value is in its uniqueness and obviously02:11since we are talking about the digital02:12world these tokens are digital now a02:16small quiz02:17bitcoin which is a cryptocurrency is it02:20nft i will give you three seconds02:24of course not why because simply bitcoin02:28can be splitted into satoshi’s and the02:31second reason that there’s nothing02:33unique about each bitcoin again if you02:36now ask me to send you a bitcoin you02:38don’t care if i send it from this wallet02:41or this wallet or which bitcoin you need02:43a bitcoin like the 100 explained at the02:47beginning i hope you got the idea i02:49tried my best to make it as simple as02:51possible now how to create buy and sell02:54nfts let’s see this practically whenever02:58you want to buy something online usually03:00we have a marketplace if you want to buy03:03a book an ebook an apple you go to a03:06store to a marketplace in nfts we have03:10an nft market places the top are and today we03:19are going to go with03:20opencl and give you a practical example03:23how things work the idea is almost the03:26same on wearable and mintable just03:28follow up understand the concept and you03:30can apply it and test it if you want so03:32go to opencl and here you can search for03:35whatever you want items collection03:38accounts or you can simply click on03:40explore here and start with these03:42categories music domain names03:44collectibles sports whatever as you can03:47see a lft can be anything digital even a03:50domain name it can be ft even a music03:54audio video photography anything digital03:57can be transferred into nft so let’s say04:01i want something trending now let’s go04:04to this account here he has three items04:07this one costs 20 ethereums or 20 ether04:10this one 0.1 if you want to buy it you04:13simply click on buy now of course i’m04:15not gonna buy this now it’s 80 00004:18based on the ethereum price you simply04:20here click on this box and confirm check04:23out you just click on check this and04:25then confirm check out why it’s disabled04:27simply because in my wallet here i don’t04:30have this number of ethereum i have only04:320.01 that’s the reason so it’s that04:35simple you can buy directly from these04:38marketplaces now the question or the04:40main idea here how to create our own nft04:43and how we are going to sell it on openc04:46let’s see together i will do now a small04:48example i will go to if you04:51don’t know canva it’s one of the best04:53websites to create any design online i04:55will simply go create a design and click04:57on instagram post just to get this05:00thousand by thousand pixels template i05:02will go here to elements and let’s05:04search for monkey let’s get this funny05:08one05:09or maybe this05:10i like this one for nft i will set the05:13background for05:15black and this monkey for bright yellow05:19like this and i will write here05:23one eternity later05:26the monkey nft05:28wow oh my god05:32go to effects05:33and go here to05:35shadow05:36and then set the color to05:39maybe red like this transparency05:42direction05:44and here we are let’s set to red like05:46this and here is my nft i will download05:49this it’s an example remember this05:52download okay so we have the png now05:55let’s go again to open c and now i will05:58go ahead and click on create and then it06:00will automatically ask me to sign with06:03metamask now if you don’t know what is a06:05metamask it’s simply a crypto currency06:08wallet it’s a wallet where you put06:10cryptocurrency in it’s like this wallet06:13but for cryptocurrencies so it’s a06:15chrome extension if you want to install06:17it just go here i will sign now just for06:20sake of time go to metamask.i oh make06:24sure to use this website be careful we06:27have a lot of scammers go here metamask06:30with io and then download click on06:33download select chrome and install06:35metamask for chrome it will be installed06:37automatically in your browser here okay06:40now i have around 72 dollars if you06:42don’t have anything in the wallet you06:45have to send a couple of dollars for the06:47first time because when you create a06:49collection it will ask you for gas fees06:52let’s do this practically to show you in06:54action how this happens i will go here06:56to my account my collections then click06:59on create a collection need to select a07:01logo let’s select now this featured07:03image this one also anything example my07:07secret nfts anything like this and you07:11can enter a url if you want like secret07:14hdk nft a description if you want and07:19you can add your website your twitch07:21instagram so on and here please focus07:24very well we have something called07:25realities it’s something super awesome07:28in nfts look at this collect a fee when07:31a user resells an item you originally07:35created look what happens if i set here07:38like 2.5 percent you will enter a wallet07:41address okay now whenever someone buys07:44the item you will get a fee then if that07:48person who bought the item sells it07:50again you will get a fee so you will07:53keep getting a fee while this item or07:57anything in this collection is traded07:59you see how this is really awesome it’s08:01one of the most important advantages of08:04holding nfts as we’ll talk later in how08:07to grow your business with nfts and how08:09to make money with nfts anyway now i08:11will keep it now zero then you need to08:14select the blockchain if you watched my08:16blockchain video what is blockchain the08:19blockchain is a network where all these08:21cryptocurrencies works on nfts08:24everything is on the blockchain and we08:26have different blockchains like ethereum08:28blockchain and polygon now polygon is08:30gadget free so you don’t need to pay08:32anything when you list your items but08:34the problem in polygon number one it’s08:37not active like ethereum we don’t have a08:39lot of users working on it like ethereum08:42and the second reason is that polygon08:45has a limited number of coins that if08:47someone wants to buy something from you08:49they need that exact coin so it’s08:52limited by coins so this is why i prefer08:54ethereum but if you want to try gaza08:56free you can go with polygon if you want08:58just for testing or if you want to list09:00it it’s up to you then you can select09:01the payment tokens and select ethereum09:03or simply select a token from here we09:05have a lot of tokens you can see when09:07you select polygon we have only ethereum09:09on polygon or these three limited tokens09:12you see we have limited number of coins09:15or tokens you can buy through so i09:16select ethereum and now we have a lot of09:19tokens so select the token so you can09:22add tokens if you want anyway select the09:24display theme i will keep it contained09:26and click on create look what will09:28happen now the collection is created09:30it’s empty now let’s go back and create09:34our first nft go back to create select09:37our nft this is our nft item name the09:40secret monkey anything you can add09:43external link if you want for more09:45descriptions to your website or whatever09:47add description here for the item and09:49here we have some properties like if you09:52have a collectable list let’s say this09:54one has color09:56yellow so you can create another monkey09:58which is a red monkey and add it as red10:01can add properties to this item you can10:03also add unlockable content like adding10:05a link a code access code maybe a10:09signature maybe10:10anything special you want to give for10:12someone who buys this nft and this also10:15very important in businesses especially10:18online business i will talk about this10:20later on in this video then you can add10:23the supply when you add multiple number10:26of copies if you want to change this you10:28can change this but think about it if10:30you change this number what will happen10:32then ft will be semi-nft because as we10:36explained one of the main10:37characteristics is that every single lft10:40is unique if you make multiple copies it10:43will be semi-nft anyway click now on10:46create we created it this nft is now10:49added to my collection how to sell it10:52simply click here on sell it’s that10:55simple you can add a fixed price or10:57timed action so people can bid on your11:00nft i will go now with a timed action11:02let’s say11:03five w ether duration for11:06one week anything now more options so i11:10am selling this nft as a starting price11:12for five w ether and it’s a timed11:16auction for one week for twenty thousand11:18dollars go and buy it11:29complete listing and now automatically11:31metamask will open let’s see you see now11:34it’s confirming i will sign this11:37excellent view item now why it didn’t11:40ask me for a gas fee this time because11:42simply i paid for this when i created my11:45account for the first time so for the11:47first time when you create the first11:49collection and the first item in your11:51account it will ask you for a gas fee so11:53you have to pay this except if you are11:56working on the polygon network i hope11:58you got the idea so this is how you can12:01buy or sell and create nfts on openc the12:04same idea the same concept is also12:06available on readable to create or sell12:09nfts or sign up test if you12:12want and we have a lot of videos about12:14all these platforms you can check here12:16on youtube or on the internet so you12:18finished part two on how to create sell12:20and buy nfts let’s see now one of the12:23most important things about nfts how to12:26really use them why they are helpful how12:29to use them to grow your business how to12:30make money out of nfts let’s see oh12:33don’t forget before we continue if you12:35have any questions relate to the video12:38anything you want you can join us on the12:40forum on my website to ask anything you12:42want to metamask transactions to crypto12:46nfc anything you want i will be active12:48almost every day to help you with all12:51the community12:52on the forum with more than 40 00012:55members go now and join us it’s free12:58let’s make things simple now in front of13:00you i created this image how i can13:03verify my ownership me i own this image13:08i created it simply nft is the best13:11solution when you create an ft it means13:14it will be saved in the blockchain and13:16in the blockchain video what we said the13:18blockchain is number one in security and13:22verifying ownership of nfts so number13:26one is protecting your ownership your13:29creative ownership whatever you create13:31any type of creation you have can be13:34transferred into an nft the second13:37reason why you should create nfts is13:39simply because it’s easy and affordable13:42as you saw now in minutes we created an13:45nft and published it and listed it for13:47sale and it’s affordable it’s like fifty13:50dollars cash fees if you want to use the13:51ethereum blockchain it’s not that big13:54deal in a business so you can create13:55another commercial product line in your13:58business and build another income stream14:00selling nfts other way is trading nfts14:04if you are following today’s news a lot14:06of people are selling nfts for millions14:08of dollars trading them buying low14:10selling high and so on so another way to14:13make money with nft is by trading and14:15buying and selling nfts this requires a14:18full video i can go with it right now i14:20will dedicate a full video about it if14:22you want just let me know in the14:24comments section below other reason why14:26i should create nfts the thing we14:28mentioned before is when you create a14:31collection you remember create a14:33collection we have something called the14:35reality lifetime fees so if you set here14:38any percentage and the royalty fees you14:40get always a percentage fee while these14:43tokens are traded sold both whatever14:47anything happens with your tokens with14:49your nfts you will get a percentage fee14:52so it’s a lifetime passive income stream14:55really nice now other than trading nfts14:58now you may tell me i don’t have time to15:00create i’m not a creator i don’t know15:02what to do what are some examples for15:05online businesses to work with nfts i15:08will give you now what i’m planning to15:09do with nfts in my business which is15:12nothing related to trading or buying or15:15selling what i’m going to do if you go15:17here to my academy if you follow me you15:19know i have an academy i sell courses15:22these are my courses let’s say now15:24someone bought this course what i will15:27do later on this year is whenever15:30someone finishes this course i will give15:33him an nft with value like maybe 0.115:36ether which is rft which is unique a15:39certificate which is unique and has a15:42value with the course so you can boost15:45your business with nfts think about ways15:48you can give nfts with your products15:51other example let’s say someone went15:53here to my collection and wants to buy15:56this nft this painting what i can do is15:59simply tell this person if you buy this16:02nft you will get also the physical16:04painting with it i will ship the16:06physical painting so this will be really16:08interesting to sell physical products16:11attached to nfts or sell a digital16:14product like courses or applications16:16software whatever attached to nft think16:19about this how you can use your own16:22business and later on when i finish my16:24case study finished developing my system16:26about nfts and courses i will share16:28everything with you as you know me i16:30share everything here on my channel16:32before we end this video i want to tell16:34you about something really very16:35important you see here metamask it’s a16:38wallet containing your coins and your16:42nfts are attached to this wallet okay so16:46how secure is this metamask as a wallet16:49is somehow secure the blockchain is16:52secure but what if someone hacked your16:54pc and got your private key you will16:57lose all your coins and all your nfts so17:01when it comes to crypto wallets we have17:03mainly two types digital wallets17:05connected to the internet connect your17:08pc like metamask or trust wallet on your17:11phone or we have something called17:13physical wallets like ledger this ledger17:17wallet here when you put your coins in17:20it and it’s offline no one will be able17:22to do anything it’s offline even if your17:25pc is hacked no one can access your17:28tokens or your coins so if you bought17:31some coins for a long-term investment or17:34some nfts for long-term investments and17:37you can afford a physical wallet i17:39prefer you do this to be on the safe17:41side anyway it’s not that important for17:43now just pointing this to know about it17:46we have physical wallets and digital17:48wallets i hope you enjoyed this video17:50please if you have any questions the17:52comments section below is for you the17:55forum the telegram channel everything is17:58for you just contact me i will be active18:00almost every day to help you and answer18:03your questions notifications to get18:06every new update see you later English (auto-generated)