Top 3 Altcoins with 100X For January 2022

100X AltCoins Get In Early Buy Now

100X AltCoins Get In Early Buy Now

Jay Has picked Some High Potential Alts

Chain Of Blocks is a great source of info, straightforward without the hype

100X AltCoins Get In Early Buy Now

100X AltCoins YOU Can GET IN EARLY ON! TOP AltCoins to BUY NOW!

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 TOP Under Valued Micro Cap #Altcoins could be the next Altcoins to #100X , #Crypto projects to put on your radar as we get ready for Crypto trading in 2022. 🔥 100X AltCoins to BUY NOW! GET IN EARLY! ✘ 🔗 to Navigate the Video 0:00 TOP Micro Cap Altcoins Ready to Explode 1:58 1st Low Cap Altcoin Ready to 100X 4:39 2nd Micro Cap Altcoin to Surge in Price 7:50 3rd Top Altcoins to Have on YOUR Radar 10:23 4th Micro Cap AltCoin Eth Staking If YOU Would Like to BOOK a 1-on-1 Session: EXCHANGES I USE: KRAKEN: GATE.IO: PANCAKE SWAP: CRYPTO DOT COM:

100X AltCoins Get In Early Buy Now

100X AltCoins Get In Early Buy Now


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 00:00all right let’s go we are talking micro00:02cap all coins that have massive00:04potential to explode for huge 100 x00:07gains in the next coming weeks and00:09months all these projects with massive00:12massive utility a lot of potential they00:15all have real world use cases when we00:17look at things like metaverse web 3 nfts00:21play to earn all of that great stuff00:23guys we’re going to break it all down00:24for you and look these are all under 5000:27million dollar market cap so look when00:29you are looking for those 100x gems00:32diamonds in the rough you have to start00:34with ones with a smaller market cap00:35because look if they were if they were00:37to 10x that would mean 500 million00:39market cap if it were to 100x which i00:42think these three have a great chance to00:44do00:45look that would mean five billion dollar00:47market cap that’s not out of the00:49question when you look at things like00:50ftx when you look at things like00:52filecoin puts it right in those range00:53guys we’ve seen enormous success with00:56solana with axiomfinity tara luna in00:592021 there’s going to be more success in01:022022 guys we’ve only just started to01:04scratch the surface distributed ledger01:06technology is taking over in more ways01:09than just finance so i want to jump in01:11show you these these are very very01:13exciting applications guys and you’re01:15still early no one knows about these01:17haven’t heard anybody talking about01:19these all coins but let’s start right01:20here current crypto market cap is 2.3401:24trillion dollars guys and look bitcoin01:26right now sitting just under 48 000. the01:29top 10 looks like the top 10 did01:31yesterday not a whole lot of change i01:33think people are still looking to react01:35after the fed made some big01:36announcements yesterday it’s hard to01:38move this top ten but we’re gonna look01:39at some small projects some ones that01:41can really really move guys and i want01:43to show because i’m excited about these01:44these no one’s talking about these and01:47look i am not your financial advisor01:49nothing said here should be taken as01:51financial advice just my research want01:54to start right here let’s look over at01:55this project01:58it’s called index co-op and if you saw02:00my previous video where i told you about02:02the metaverse index that is listed right02:05here so look we build simple yet02:08powerful index products to help you02:10access crypto investment themes so i02:13think people want to get involved in02:14crypto but they kind of want to do it in02:15the same way they they might with their02:17stocks so this is kind of like an etf02:20you can come here and when you come here02:22you can participate in these different02:24indexes that they have i’ll show you02:26what this looks like come here over to02:28token sets you can see they have a02:29metaverse index and if you click into02:31this what you are buying at this 223.1502:37is02:38this index and this index includes02:40elluvium sand axi infinity decentraland02:43all of these things so if you come back02:45over here to index co-op by buying their02:48token which is the index token you can02:50now participate in the governance of02:52this platform so look this is going to02:54be a cool platform already is a cool02:56platform they have a bunch of things02:58already listed here you can come d503:00pulse is really popular so it tells you03:02all the holdings inside the exact03:04breakdown i think this is a really cool03:06tool and it’s going to really broaden03:08the the reach of d5 of crypto to the03:11masses because people want something03:12that’s super simple to look at just like03:14this so if we come over03:16here index cooperative or index co-op03:20currently trading at 23.74 but like i03:23said these are all small small projects03:26so this one i said under 50 this was03:27under 50 million when i started03:29researching it but now is that 5103:31million 795 still obviously plenty of03:35room to run up 626 market cap by ranking03:38what i like about this one is look very03:40small total supply so look you may bock03:43at the price load of 23 74. but look03:45there’s only 10 million of these there03:48will only be 10 million there’s 1003:50million right now so look there’s a very03:51limited supply of this and this could03:53become very popular i think as more03:55people hear about this they come to this03:57they experience how easy this is this04:00makes it to get involved in d5 with low04:03barriers low friction to get involved i04:05think people are going to like this04:07again like i said index the token is a04:10governance token if you want to know04:12where you can purchase this trading04:13pairs right here unit swap sushi swap04:16also available on balancer or bank or04:19network guys so definitely one taking a04:21look at guys and they have some really04:23cool indexes as well i’m really04:25interested in the metaverse index i did04:26mention that in a previous video but04:28look d5 pulse really cool as well04:30bankless podcast has just launched their04:32index on there as well so really04:34interesting stuff i think for this04:37project04:39all right let’s go over here number two04:41on the list it’s called velo and velo04:44operates on the stellar ecosystem so04:47this participates with stellar on the04:49stellar network so next generation04:52financial protocol for businesses and i04:54don’t know how familiar anybody is with04:56stellar or ripple those two protocols04:58but they are basically replacements for05:00swift protocol what businesses use for05:04large amounts of money to remittance05:06large amounts of money across borders so05:09swift slow expensive slow05:13slow and expensive so people want to05:15obviously improve on this because when05:17you think about this moving money across05:19borders is difficult enough but for05:21businesses to do this when you talk05:23about seven figures or things of that05:24nature becomes very very difficult so05:27velo is a blockchain based financial05:30protocol enabling digital credit05:32issuance and borderless asset transfer05:35so this is very very powerful they have05:37a vetting process so you would come here05:39as a business and you would get vetted05:42by this protocol so they would do the05:43appropriate kyc05:45then once that happens you can transact05:48and you can provide either credit loans05:50or just borrowing to anyone in the world05:53automatically instantly with no time lag05:56in between so you can provide that in05:57any fiat currency you can also use their06:00velo token as well to provide that06:02immediate liquidity which can then be06:04exchanged so this is very powerful when06:06again when you talk about businesses06:08exchanging millions and millions of06:09dollars06:11every day this is where we’re going06:13obviously this is the purpose of ripple06:15this is the purpose of stellar the one06:17thing i would say is a drawback of velo06:19i’m having a hard time their their their06:22token the velo token we’ll look over06:24here06:25they have this nice three paper you can06:27come and read about here and it goes06:29into their tokenomics you can see right06:30here where all the token where the token06:33supply is going the token is a utility06:35token which is nice i mean obviously06:37utility can be exchanged for value i06:39don’t see that it’s necessary for the06:41protocol to take place06:43like with ripple like with stellar xrp06:46and xlm are just kind of byproducts of06:49the network they’re not necessarily06:51necessary for the network to move06:53forward so that was kind of my takeaway06:54on this velo token but i think this is a06:56very necessary use case as we move06:59forward in distributed ledger and if you07:01look over here velo currently trading 1407:04cents again this one is 49 million07:07dollar market cap 644 is the ranking but07:10again this one here a much larger supply07:12this one has a small circulating of07:14supply but maximum supply is very great07:1730 billion is the maximum supply but07:19only 338 million circulating right now07:22so that is something to pay attention to07:24again this one i like the use case i07:26like the utility of what this is07:28providing i’m a little uncertain as far07:31as the utility of this fellow token but07:33it’s something to take interest in and07:35if we look over here where you can come07:36and purchase this token07:39if you’re looking centralized exchanges07:41gate io07:43x it’s available widely guys go ahead07:46take a look at that let me know what you07:47think of velo07:49let’s move over here number three pretty07:51excited about this one it’s a really07:53cool use case privacy by design and look07:56this is basically the ability to store07:58files store data in a cryptographic way08:01so we all know about google cloud08:03sharing azure microsoft amazon web s308:08all of these things all of these cloud08:10file services that are owned by big big08:13corporations well now opacity makes it08:16available where you can access cloud08:18sharing you can access your data and no08:21one else has access to it so this is08:23done in a cryptographic way where your08:25cloud storage can only be unlocked with08:28your private keys so this is a pretty08:30unique concept that i really like and08:32they are available now you can go and08:34you can use this you can actually come08:35here and start this for free you do not08:38have to pay anything to get up to 1008:40gigabytes of free file storage of course08:43if you do need more that is where their08:45opct token comes in you can use that to08:48purchase more additional cloud storage08:51service and look this is great because08:52look all they’re doing is saying here’s08:54a locker no one else can access this08:56locker only you have the combination to08:58this locker no one else could get in08:59here if you lose it hey all your stuff09:01is gone but hey you feel confident that09:03no one is gonna steal that your your09:06data is heavily encrypted only you and09:09anybody else that you want to grant09:10access has that available so if we look09:12over here09:14you can read about all the functionality09:15but the big thing is is you are in full09:18control no one can access that no one09:20can steal that no one can hack your09:22stuff even if they did it would be fully09:24encrypted and they would not have access09:25to it so this is very very cool and if09:27we look at this token09:29as i said this is opct09:32market cap 44 million dollars and look09:34when you’re thinking about you know09:36success of file coin the success of09:38other file sharing whether it’s09:40bittorrent or things like that this09:42could be the next phase of distributed09:44ledger obviously we’ve seen huge success09:46with metaverse play to earn but like09:48that could be a fad this stuff is really09:51the stuff that will be here in five 1009:5320 years in my opinion so currently09:55trading just under 37 cents and total09:58supply right here 130 million for this10:01token look if you want to know where you10:03can get this one scroll down here we’ll10:05look at these trading pairs real quick10:06kucoin is the main swap but look if you10:08want to get it on decentralized go to10:10quick swap also available on uniswap as10:13well guys so those are three that i10:15really really like i want to look at one10:17now that i also like i was just a little10:20bit unsure about their tokens so let’s10:21take a look at this one right here10:23as we move into each 2.0 and eth 2.010:26staking is going to become increasingly10:29popular but i think a lot of people are10:30hesitant to tie up their ethon in10:33exchange you want to have full control10:35over your eat so that is where block10:37staking comes in so powering10:39decentralized e-staking but the cool10:41thing about this is fully non-custodial10:44so you can have your ease on your10:46private key whether it’s in metamask10:48whether it’s on your ledger whatever10:50storage you want that you have the10:51private key and no one else does and you10:53can come here you can download this10:55application and you can stake and you10:57can earn real east rewards for your11:00staking without giving access to your11:02private keys so i think this is what11:03people want when you talk about not just11:05heat staking but any type of staking you11:07have that security that you don’t have11:09to give away your private key just to11:11earn these rewards so look i will tell11:13you on this one the one thing that i11:14said i have no idea what the validity of11:17their token is because all i’m coming11:18here to do is stake my ease in a11:21non-custodial manner and then earn some11:23meat so i don’t understand exactly what11:25their token does and that’s why i didn’t11:26put it on the list but they do have a11:28token cdt is the name of this token very11:31low market cap guys 32 million dollars11:34but look11:35you can come here they have an11:37application you can come and download it11:39if you want to get involved start11:41staking i will say if you do want to get11:43involved with this you do need to have11:45or set up an aws account so an amazon11:48web services account it’s completely11:50free to do and if you do want to go11:52about doing this they will walk you11:53through how to do it i just wanted to11:55mention that you do have to set that up11:57before you can earn staking rewards so11:59this one here just something to look at12:01i think it’s a really cool concept i12:02don’t know what the token does that’s12:04why i didn’t put it on the list guys but12:06those are my micro cap all coins let’s12:08go over here because i want to pick one12:10more winner and give away a hundred12:12dollars with a free bmb so let’s go over12:14here we got the random common picker up12:16if you saw the last altcoin video i said12:19leave me a comment with your best12:20altcoin for 2022 so let’s see if anybody12:23did that we’ll fetch these comments12:25right here anything goes no replies no12:27duplicates thank you very much for all12:29the comments if you leave a comment here12:31of course you will have a chance to win12:33on the next one12:34thumbs up if you want more crypto12:36giveaways guys thank you very much for12:38the support the winner is12:44thanks man we all appreciate it okay12:46didn’t do what i said the winner is12:50very nice video and explanation didn’t12:51do what i said okay winner is12:55very awesome okay12:59btc abdullah rafae okay well i think13:02that’s what you mean for 2022. hey i13:04think it could have a big year as well13:06all you have to do go back to your13:07comment update it edit it with your13:10xerox binance smart chain address i’ll13:13send you 10013:14free bmd and if you like more videos13:18high risk alt altcoins check out this13:20video right here until the next time be13:22safe English (auto-generated)